LaborCrypto (LBR) ICO

What do you know about Laborcrypto?
LaborCrypto unlike every other project , is a freelancing platform that is leveraged on blockchain technology to give her customers and service providers of freelance a chance to bring about a collaboration identical value devoid of a central chain of command. LaborCrypto is determined to eliminate the costly intermediaries who barricades the gig economy, so as to permit consumers and freelancer to relate and benefit from the interaction under the application and of the blockchain technology. LaborCrypto will then enable the freelance industry a corporate power structure. LaborCrypto, think differently outside the box and are desirous in challenging the normal routine, thereby giving power to freelance workers. And the way we do that, by creating a connectivity whereby people all over the globe, irrespective of having a banking system or not, and allowing the freelancers to keep all of their earning and getting it instantly, is what distinguishes it from every other project or scheme.
Laborcryptor is desirous in building an ecosystem that will generate employment opportunity and yield human capital development and to equally solve the issues of middleman service fees. Also, we are engaged in the use of cryptocurrency as the only form of payment. Laborcryptor is envisaged in sharing half of the platform’s actual revenue with both the users and freelancers who contribute to the growth of the ecosystem, based on their individual contributions in the project.
The main task of this project is to adapt and use LBR coins in a timely manner so that LBR coins can be used in several places to exchange services. To transfer laboratory resources, users with iOS and ANDRIOD wallets are allowed. How does the platform work? Consumers and freelancers come to the LaborCrypto ™ website, after which they send work or hire an independent professional. For payment method, it use the Laborcrypto TM currency more so, it requires a maintenance fee where as The user gets more money Users will actively participate in the life changing program.
LaborCrypto is a platform that matches users with other users to procure, hire and promote freelance work. It is a framework that streamlines gig economy match-making. LaborCrypto is utilizing the capability of blockchain smart contracts to decentralize corporate power structures and give more monetary power to the freelance workers and those who hire them.
LaborCrypto is all about changing the status quo and giving power to freelance workers, by linking people everywhere from all over the world irrespective of having a banking system or not, and enabling the freelancers to keep all of their earning and getting it immediately.
Building an ecosystem rooted in it’s core values: inclusion, opportunity and empowerment is what LaborCrypto centers around. These values lead to the creation of an ecosystem that provides some value beyond the numbers.
Most of the platforms currently in existence that cater to the gig economy, their efforts are being spent on solving a few problems. For example, how to pay the user on time or reduce service fees. These are reasonable worries within the freelance market, but the most important issue which is user loyalty is still very much unattended to. As long as freelancers gain from doing business directly with the customer, to do so they will always undercut the platform. It is important to compensate users for their time, dedication and loyalty which LaborCrypto strongly believes in. LaborCrypto intends to execute this by sharing half of the platform’s actual revenue with both the users and freelancers that contribute to the development and growth of the ecosystem, based on their individual contributions. Let us say a customer spends $100 and the worker generates $1,000, the worker will receive ten times the reward the customer does.
Another thing that differentiates LaborCrypto from its competitors is experience, accumulated from work on an existing platform called ChoreRelief. This marketplace enables users to outsource household services and connect with workers in vicinity. It not only focused on giving users access to cheap work but also allowed the workers to have an opportunity scale. At ChoreRelief, workers were given an app to connect with customers and a dashboard to manage their business in real time from a cell phone or PC. If there was a need to hire additional persons, the dashboard allows them to manage their workforce appropriately. LaborCrypto is an evolution of all of the knowledge and experience acquired by working on ChoreRelief.
Laborcryptor revenue will be generated by taking this 3% transaction fee, offering ad space to other businesses or users within our own ecosystem, and charging institutions to offer their curriculums on LaborCrypto. By so doing, they wouldn’t rely much on ICO in other to fully establish the project. A significant challenge with some of this similar project with laborcryptor is because Most have astronomical service fees and offer low pay to the freelancers, and the users have to pay for the transactions and series of other challenges, paved way for cryptocurrencies and the essence of the services towards solving the problem freelancers do face often. In actually bring an end to these problems, a decentralized platform is suggested,
Laborcrypto will be opening the sales of her ICO for investors to invest and make fat income after the sales, this is because this project is scalable, transparent, seamless and profit oriented. Laborcryptor budgeted to invest 25% of the funds raised from the sale of laborCrypto Tokens during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), into further development of the LaborCrypto platform technology.
Components of the freelancing ecosystem
LaborCrypto looks to challenge the existing status quo of the freelancing industry through
LaborCrypto platform– under the people-powered freelance ecosystem, LaborCrypto acts as an administrator to match users to freelance and enable hiring. The platform will work to streamline the freelance economy through appropriate match-making
Smart contracts– LaborCrypto works on a protocol design that uses smart contracts as an escrow mechanism to ensure due diligence on the participating parties.
Digital banking– the goal to re-invent the freelancing community will also involve a virtual currency (LaborCrypto token) and the elimination of banking services for the transactions.
How the decentralized freelance system works
Consumers and freelancers get to register on the LaborCrypto website to seek their respective services. Inside the platform, customers post a job opening or attempt to hire a freelancer. Once the customer is satisfied with the qualities of the freelancer, then proceed to pay for the service in the form of LaborCrypto coin. The payment is held in the self-executing smart contract till the task is complete.
How does LaborCrypto rate?
LaborCrypto’s goal to reinvent the freelancing industry seems like a solid idea. Already the ICO has an existing freelancing product through ChoreRelief™, and this adds legitimacy to the overall venture. Hopefully, with the experience and knowledge of the team, the idea could have potential implications for overcoming the possible competition. Overall, it is fair to rank LaborCrypto as an ICO that can be trusted for investing.
LaborCrypto ICO details
15th June 2018 till 15th July 2018.
Maximum individual contribution- None
Hard cap- USD 3 million
Token information
Token- LBR
Pre-ICO Price- 1 LBR = 0.0005 USD
Price- 1 LBR = 0.0005 USD
Bonus- Available
Bounty- Available
Platform- Ethereum
Accepting- ETH, BTC
Minimum investment- 0.01 ETH
Soft cap- 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap- 22,000,000 USD
Country- Cayman Islands
Whitelist/KYC- KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas- The United States of America, China (except for Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan), South Korea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region.
Token allocation
Token sale- 60% (60,000,000,000 LBR)
Operations- 20 %( 20,000,000,000 LBR)
Founders- 15 %( 15,000,000,000 LBR)
Advisors- 3 %( 3,000,000,000 LBR)
Bounties- 2 %( 2,000,000,000 LBR)
Token proceeds use
Market development- 35%
Software development- 35%
Other operations- 30%
01.04.2018 Token created and smart contract audited, Begin dev and file RegD
30.04.2018 Expansion of Dev team
01.07.2018 Pre-sale build advisory team and partnerships
01.08.2018 ICO crowed sale and futher ramp up marketing
30.08.2018 File licensing and government regulatory application Reg A
15.09.2018 Token distribution
30.03.2019 Initial alpha and beta testing of the freelance platform
01.09.2019 Build undefined Launch Mobile apps
01.12.2019 Establish global regional office and partnerships
01.01.2020 On going platform improvements

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