LabStart Platform for Investors

The LabStart platform is a decentralized (dApp) application based on the Ethereum network that provides interfaces between innovative project carriers and investors. So anyone can bolster the innovative projects present in the platform.

After advancement has been developed, one or more patents are submitted, to protect the invention. Every investor has a share of patents filed, in extent to their underlying investment.

Advancement is the core of our society. Some of the significant group challenges, for example, ecology, populace density, or other decentralization are pulling in the capacity of our communities to discover innovative arrangements that will help solve this problem. In any case, it is very troublesome for a person to be directly involved in an innovative project. Considering the importance of the innovative effect on our lives now and in the future, we feel that everyone ought to have the chance to engage in this process, and at every level of responsibility.

A new way to finance development

To open up an innovative ecosystem for everyone, LabStart intends to use different crowdfunding models by joining the patent concept. Once the advancement project is completed and the technology or item itself is developed, each investor will hold a share of the patent. Sharing ownership of the patents and following of innovative processes is done on account of blockchain technology and smart contracts, through the LabStart platform.


Everyone can invest in intellectual property, from everywhere throughout the world.


Without intermediaries, the profits derived from the sale of patents are shared between each investor based on their underlying investment.


Research investment and proprietary patents will now be available to everyone and not simply global companies.


Investment and property Inventions are secured through blockchain technology and smart contracts.


Transparency is the key to success in blockchain projects. Our decentralized application is open source, ensuring quality and reliability.


Revolutionizing the investment ecosystem of research by connecting investors to researchers because of blockchain and smart contracts.


All research projects are verified by our team of experts and patent lawyers.

Invest utilizing LabCoins

To make investing in innovative projects easier, LabStart has developed its own particular token: LabCoin. Aside from being independent of changes in fiat currency rates like dollars, LabCoin enables easier interaction with smart contracts, considering it is an ERC20 token.


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