Lancer Network

The Lancer Network is an independent decentralized site to publish and advance the crowd-sale and blockchain businesses. Here individuals are interested in obtaining cash cryptographic forms and specialists who are willing to pay for SMM and advertising administration.

How it works


The Lancer network stands at the same time with several advantages compared to similar services. They are as follows:

Various services

Users can do tasks that are mass favored, and follow many things on the Lancer platform. They can also write review articles about projects or even record videos.

Lower costs for advertising

Campaign promotion budgets can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and even this may not be enough. With the help of the Lancer Network service, users can determine their own price and terms of employment.

Transparent Payment System

The Lancer network follows a bulletproof payment system that cannot be deceived. Payment of assignments is only possible after implementation, but the token from the customer’s account is deleted / released during the request formation.

Why choose Lancer Network

Original advertising and SMM from real users.

A convenient website to find the type of qualifications to do.

Non-standard task solutions for crowdsdale promotions and block projects.

ICO Purpose

Fundraising and issuance of Lancer Network tokens (LNW * Conditional) is intended for platform development, marketing fundraising, and advertising campaigns for Lancer Network applications. The LNW token is a utility token that provides access to platform operations.
A total of 1 500 000 000 Lancer Network tokens will be released. The Lancer Network public launch and global marketing campaign will be launched on the basis of money collected during ICOround. All unsold tokens will be burned.

ICO characteristics

The ICO will be launched in these steps: Private sales: 26.05.18 The number of tokens for Private sales is 200 000 000
Softcap – $ 200,000

Hardcap – $ 1,500,000

Money will be allocated to develop the Beta version of the platform and to prepare for marketing the ICO seed round.

For the trust and loyalty of our pre-sales platform, investors will get:
94,500 LNW for ETH within the first five days of presale

91,000 LNW for ETH in the second five days of presale

87,500 LNW for the ETH until the end of the presale token

ICO: 26.07.18
The number of tokens for ICO is 880 000 000 LNW (* Conditional)

Softcap – $ 800,000.

Hardcap is $ 8,000,000
Money will be allocated to prepare for the public launch of the Lancer Network platform, global marketing, and the mass registration of workers on the platform.
Participants who are willing to support the development of the Lancer Network platform will be able to buy 77 000 Lancer Network tokens for the ETH.

Lancer Network Has BETA. You can try the lancer betting network now. Our platform can be compared to the online labor market in the blockchain field where users do not need special or high qualifications to earn income online.

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