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In this digital era has developed various technologies, especially on Cryptocurrency. In the world, Crypto Platform competes for specific purposes according to project expectations. But there are many projects that also become scam or newbie and are very problematic for users so we should really choose a project with high quality, here I will recommend one of the projects with an interesting and promising concept that is from “LancerNetwork”.


Lancer Network   is an impartial decentralized website for marketing then promotion crowdsale and blockchain projects. It is a project done in accordance with mitigating the challenges about the endeavour to that amount recent rising businesses from time to time back appropriate in accordance with the limited assets accessible in imitation of them. The introduction of focus about the potential chosen for the exploitation over effect and applications (electronic, printed, Internet) is normally entirely expensive, especially of the growing competition for maintenance between the market. It is an ecosystem as connects tasks up to expectation necessity advertising features then ordinary users any execute provide this services. The stage execute stand in contrast after an on line labor want within the blockchain area as goals to empower the masses through excellent possibilities after earn on line where customers slave no longer want specific yet high-level skills according to get online.

Lancer Network aim to create a platform where anyone can work on simple tasks, businesses (focus on ICOs) can benefit and both the parties add value to this ecosystem. They can make transactions in main cryptocurrencies or the native LNW tokens.

How to Participate in LancerNetwork ?

The Requester, who wants to promote his ICO on the Lancer network platform, will first register on the platform. He will then create tasks on how he wants his ICO to be promoted / advertised. He pays certain amount on the platform as the Requester. He will then design the task as well as set certain parameters for the execution of the task – For example, cost of performing a specific task, number of persons to perform the task and the choice of persons based on the rating. He can request for clarifications so as to formalize and conclude properly. The tasks will then be moderated automatically and will be available to the participants on the platform. When the task is accomplished by the worker, Lancer tokens will be deducted from the requesters account. After verification of the performed task by the requester, the performer (worker) can then receive payment. And the end of the advertisement job on the platform, Lancer Network shall provide a report on how the entire activity was performed.


Multi currency acceptance: The platform assumes flexibility of payments. Earn and pay for actions in any currency you want — BTC, ETH, BCH, LNW.

One task – many actions: The platform gives a whole new perspective into freelance work. You can choose only the best or hire them all.

Minimal fees with tokens: Minimize fees on all operations when you pay in tokens.

Hire only good-rated workers: The rating system eliminates the problem of deception on both sides. You can set filters to show you the workers with specific ratings.

Easy and fast: The platform presents both complex and simple tasks that do not require special skills. Just take it, make it and earn money.

Simple earning: Users spend most of their free time on the Internet. Why not monetize it? Like posts on Facebook, comment on articles and videos and get tokens for it!


LancerNetwork’s team are very talented individuals in the different endeavour with sole interest in good business and financial skills and with good knowledge of the blockchain technology. Below are some information about the main members.

Alexander Kozhevnikov – CEO: He have worked in the IT industry for the 6 years, gaining experience from the development to the product management, marketing, startup launch, proof of concept, unit economics. Also, He have an entrepreneur’s experience from foundation to sale of the startup.

Leonid Shekhtman -CTO: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Information Systems and Technologies at Penza State University.



Successful project always has a purpose to reach. These points can be read easily on a roadmap to track every progress will be through on the project, easily shown on the roadmap to track the progress of the project. As you can see following below, the Roadmap of LancerNetwork project looks very clear and informing. The team has planned in detail the big amount of tasks to be done and to be through.


ICO information

Token: LNW

Platform: Ethereum

ICO time: 18/8/2018-18/10/2018

Price: 1 LNW = 0.01 USD

Accepted Payment: Ethereum

Soft cap: 800,000 USD

Hard cap: 8,000,000 USD


The project is a solution to address the above-mentioned problems and challenges. It is an ecosystem connecting projects that need advertising services and ordinary users who can provide these services. In fact, in order to leave insightful comments on the forums, tweets about the project, subscribe to the telegram channel of any service, the user does not need special education or skills. Everyone can make some money out of this opportunity. And, this is their vision and mission, to empower the masses through fair online earning opportunities. Another feature of the platform is that the ICO projects will function as an additional profitable advertising campaign. The Internet has given all of us the opportunity to earn, and the project will make this an everyday occurrence. With this platform, they aim to achieve nothing but equal distribution and availability of online work to the platform’s workers at any given time.

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