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LAPO Coin will fabricate a stable solid bridge amongst cryptofinance and conventional financial world. LAPO Coin is the center of the LAPO biological community, called the LAPO ePlatform. The ePlatform incorporates a human driven straightforward and viable multi-money Wallet, Payment preparing in different digital currencies, quick private exchanges, continuous decentralized exchanging (wallet-to-wallet), Smart Contract usefulness with Tokenization highlights connected to the LAPO Bank framing a total biological community. The thought is to make a protected and stable environment for crypto-resources for interface crypto-back with the customary financial industry. This so as to encourage the coordination and wide acknowledgment of the Blockchain innovation into the customary fund to make every day exchanges less complex, less expensive, quicker and more secure.

LAPO, as Bitcoin and most different cryptographic forms of money, depends on a decentralized record of all exchanges, known as a blockchain.

This blockchain is secured through an agreement instrument; on account of both LAPO and Bitcoin, the agreement instrument is Proof of Work (PoW). Excavators endeavor to take care of troublesome issues with particular PCs, and when they take care of the issue, they get the right to add another piece to the blockchain. In the event that all the other individuals running the product concur that the issue was understood accurately, the piece is added to the blockchain what’s more, the excavator is remunerated. LAPO depends on the Lyra2z mining calculation, which empowers decentralization by disheartening the utilization of ASIC equipment at the main phase of the task. This implies excavators have great motivations to utilize reasonable mining equipment that a normal Hash rate to get great returns and that It can set up effortlessly too.


LAPO Trading Platform

Decentralized “wallet-to-wallet” exchange platform to trade AltCoins, Token LAPO and LAX. By using the platform and LAPO Bank you may immediately convert your LAX into another FIAT or AltCoins asset at a very low cost. The trading app supports multiple monitors.

LAPO Merchant Portal Business-oriented wallets / can be extended with business intelligence capabilities and reporting.

LAPO Payment Protection Protect customers from fraud, fraud, and stolen items.

LAPO eGateway Provides advanced payment APIs that allow back-end applications and third-party systems such as: cloud apps, mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) to easily integrate payment requests in any cryptocurrency.

LAPO Sales Point Application to allow any business to easily accept LAX and other cryptocurrencies. These can be downloaded on modern devices (computers, phones or tablets) and will integrate NFC communications support that enables simple touch payments or scan QR codes.

Direct Marketing LAPO Provide for businesses using the Merchant Portal the ability to create customized promotions to drive directly to the LAPO wallet holder. Promotions can be geo-locally and customized using our state-of-art platform.

LAPO Stability Fund Used to protect coins against volatility of LAX-made prices. The fund uses the AI ​​Algorithm developed by LAPO Blockchain AG which releases shares or purchases of LAX on key exchanges in predefined dangerous situations.

LAPO Foundation The mission is to generate and distribute resources to support the digitalization of education for children worldwide to improve access to education.

LAPO Blockchain also reflects on the creation of its own bank to avoid the inconvenience and costs that traditional banking charges to the Cryptocurrency Market.

LAPO Coin (LAX): a bridge between cryptofinance and the traditional financial world.

LAPO Coin is the core of LAPO ePlatform, all transactions running on ePlatform will always be converted to LAPO Coin immediately and then can be converted at any time to another cryptocurrency or fiat at the rate calculated during the transaction.


LAPO Coin is Cryptocurrency for real world applications

Human centric and focused Privacy

Lightweight Blockchain sizes

Fast transaction time, only 2 to 5 seconds

Swap Atom

Many languages

Aliasing system designed to avoid Spoofing, Phishing & Typing errors

A multi-lingual wallet and professionally designed for the best User Experience (UX) and for a flat learning curve for end users; using Near Field Communications (NFC) for fund transfers and payments.


A total of 10’000’000’000 (ten billion, 10% of the total supply) LAX will be premined to establish LAPO Blockchain

AG, located in Zürich, Switzerland or in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.



On Tuesday 01.05.2018 from 10AM CEST until 01.06.2018 LAPO Blockchain AG will be releasing all the 3’000’000’000 (three billion) LAX coins to be public during the presale period. These coins will be used as follows:

The price of 1 LAX Coin during the presale will be 0.025 CHF and will paid with the equivalent value in ETH currency at the time of the transaction. Minimal investment on Presale is 1 ETH.

We have a selected Whitelist presale with a maximum amount of 1 Billion LAX that started the 02.02.2018. During the Whitelist period there will be bonus. LAX coin will be transferred 15 to 30 days following the completion of the presale.

Purchases must submit their LAPO wallet address in order to redeem their LAX coins at maximum 1 month after the release of the LAPO Wallet. All the unsold coins will be released during future marketing actions.


1-3 ETH: 0% bonus

3-5 ETH: +10% bonus

5 – 10 ETH: +20% bonus

10 – 20 ETH: +30% bonus

20 – 50 ETH: +40% bonus

>50 ETH: +50% bonus


1st week: +20% bonus

2nd week: +10% bonus

3th week: +5% bonus

4th week: 0% bonus


All payments received for LAX regarding the Public Presale will be held in escrow in a secure multi signature address, and will only be released from the account with 3 out of 3 signatures:

• Luiis Franceschi – CPM & Founder

• Benedict Wollschlaeger – CEO & Co-founder

• Philipp Wollschlaeger – CFO & Co-founder

Finally, what I can say is the tremendous potential of this company.  This is a great open road to enter the ICO world.


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