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The London Block Exchange(LBX) is a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange built to help consumers and institutions in London and across the United Kingdom to join the digital money revolution.

In the categories of ICO, the most widely popular and used is the Exchange. This time we will discuss about the ico with base Exchange which has no less popular with other ICO.

The most attractive to investors from the ICO is the requirement of the Exchange. Requirement of the Exchange usually have seriousness in making a platform, and with a team of professionals.

However, there was a bit of a competitor in categories, we have to be clever in selecting the ICO and perfesional in our invest funds into a project like this. Not a few who brought a blur of funds investors by making false categories about the exchange.

To select the categories of ICO who have deserved quality ICO invested. I will give the best tips for you the reader of this article.  For those of you who continue to hunt ICO tips is very suitable for you to use.

Active community

active community is indispensable in ensuring whether the project will live or die. Community is very important in building the project.  Many investors are convinced the presence of active community will bring success on a project they invested. To find out the things it does is how the actions of the admin Community Manager or in a group. Examples of group a telegram. In a telegram to manage Group telegrams indispensable deep concern because there is definitely a naughty members who create a group that many telegrams junk like spam, many of which share the pornographic photos, sara and others. Here is how we see things that we need to invest the ICO we choose.

Focus on the development of the project

In the event that no less important is the development of the project. How the project evolved from those designed or released to the fore, perhaps you can see the development of the project plan of the roadmap. But, the roadmap is not a guarantee of a project can be run according to plan. It could be that it makes things that are utilized by the action team cheating with a crafty investor funds to make escapes with the money we invested. Then how to know the development of the project? You can see social media from the project they share a wide range of development projects they well, here’s the thing that is no less important in the search for a quality project.

Then where is it I get? I got it from an ICO project that has the above qualities we can invest our funds in the project. You can check for yourself what is written above in the project LBX.

London Block Exchnage ( is a fiat to cryptocurrency exchange in the heart of the City of London. LBX offers easy acces to the cryptocurrency markets for both the curious and experienced. Our products and services focus on the demanding needs of retail and institutional investors. LBX supports 30+ fiat and cryptocurrency trading pairs and provides direct to UK onshore and Euro and USD payments.

What platform do in LBX?

 – Buy, sell and store real cryptocurrencies

– Trade BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and many more

– Extensive schedule of new coins and token listings

– Real, personalised customer support


Introducing the LBXu token – the gateway to an ecosystem of exciting new products and services including:

  • LBX Pay – the UK’s first crypto payment account
  • Unlock hidden features in our brand new advanced trading platform
  • Enhanced high speed API access, LBX Custody and OTC fee reductions
  • LBX Markets security token exchange

<p><a href=”/token-sale/”>BUY&nbsp;LBX&nbsp;NOW</a></p>

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