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You should know about LeadRex:

LeadRex is an innovative product designed to increase the conversion of ad conversion campaigns and reduce operating costs.

LeadRex is the first platform to attract customers, using a self-learning intelligence and self-learning block system. This is done to simplify the development of people who do not know it yet. Imagine – you will not believe it.

With LeadRex in the hands of business owners, all the tools are needed to help the business, and all of this will interact with the help of smart contracts.

The core platform is artificial intelligence, essential for goal analysis, selection and conversion to customers who want to buy products and services. This platform was developed in accordance with scalability and decentralization principles based on Etherium and Enecuum technologies. Each blockchain operates separately. This is to ensure the stability and validity of the platform. In addition, the data obtained is always reliable, unchanged and the process is transparent.

Platform platforms integrate all the necessary components to start and run campaigns and can be used simultaneously or associated with a campaign. The market can offer unique solutions for developers and third parties through SalesRule software, banners and LeadRex team leaders.

What problems does the platform solve?

To get an overview of the project, we want to know what problems exist in the field of Internet advertising. The developers of the platform have identified the 5 main problems in the field of advertising for the common people:

  • Implicit price formation for advertising. This problem is clearly visible in the B2B field. When a business representative comes to the advertising agency, he is offered several rates: cheaper, more expensive and more expensive. He does not usually understand what the budget is, but he has to be content with one of these options, which is often mediocre. However, in the pricing process is still growing with a maximum value.
  • High cost of the customer’s attention. The definition of the target audience is the basis of advertising. If you are interested in the target audience, be aware that at least half of the advertising budget has been lost without making a profit.
  • Less conroles. There are many promotional tools, each requiring its own analysis tool. This trend greatly complicates the management of advertising campaigns and their budget parameters.
  • Increased production costs due to operating costs. On the way from the seller’s production to the buyer – it is expected by a large number of middlemen, who have their own opinions on these products. As a result, the cost of goods for customers.
  • Less control over the customer base. It is very difficult to monitor a large audience. Even with a systematic compilation of the clientele, it will always lose relevance.

The manufacturer of the sales page with a number of stencils and professional marketers has been created. If necessary, each platform user can create their own templates using open building blocks and drag-and-drop libraries. Every drop is unique and can change as a result of the cancellation of customer requests.

A banner designer with a range of ready-made marketing templates. If needed, each platform user lends a loan, creates a logo and lowers the technology. Professional marketing templates can be used immediately for discussion software. If necessary, each platform user can use discussion functions with building blocks for drag-and-drop technology and visual constructors implemented as “mind maps”. You do not need to write algorithms from the bone process, know what to do and in what order.

Red recovery and social assistance modes from recovery and cancellation camps and practical publishers with real-time results. Ads context module gathering a number of pioneers of professional traders. If desired, each platform user can create his own ads or templates based on the advertisements made. Be a publisher to see the manuscript of encuentra and tiempo.

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Artificial intelligence and business blocks for business promotion

The artificial intelligence underlying the platform simplifies the selection of target audiences and the block ensures the centralization and transparency of all processes. To implement the project, two blockages are used in parallel: Ethereum (give smart contracts) and Enecuum (increase the speed of recording information).

LeadRex will provide users with a number of tools to promote efficiency and advertising campaigns. Functional comprising:

  • Artificial Intelligence His role in the project is enormous. AI will analyze the target audience, make changes to the customer flow, recommend all types of inventory and special offers to increase sales.
  • Master creates landings. Customized software with a list of ready-made solutions, with which you can create unique sites and banners for promotion.
  • Master of the cat. LeadRex participants will be able to create their own robots, without help or programmers, to provide high quality feedback to customers.
  • Contextual Ads Module You can create templates and manage campaigns with AI recommendations.
  • Cabinet analyst. It will collect information about AI based on analytical data.



Provide the most detailed information about the company.


Create new users for your customers and offer the most detailed information to the company.

After providing information about the company profile, users can run this ad campaign based on the selected sales channel, using one of the saved tools or at the same time:

  • landing page
  • Contextual advertising
  • Advertise on social networks
  • Advertise in the media
  • Banner
  • The creator of the cat

When starting a service, a user can select an audience for an ad product: subscriber file, compiled by the LeadRex platform, own client file, or serve ads based on the selected configuration. advertising campaign, platform users check the effectiveness of the advertising campaign launched via a personalized signature and, if necessary, disable or integrate new components.

If the platform detects the prospect, information about it in the CRM system and the customer’s general database with the flag category announced by the user of the product Please note that payment for the service can be made to anyone what step and what is not the case for the capabilities of the platform and graphics designed interface.

1st round of ico

2nd round of ico

3rd round of ico


The economy of the platform and its LDX token

The company only offers one type of room – a utility token. LDX is published as a tool to improve the internal economy of the project. Because the utility token is used, the holder can not receive systematic benefits in the form of dividends, but he also has access to additional opportunities in LeadRex.


If you are looking for a project to invest, LDX deserves your attention. Despite the fact that investors do not receive dividends while keeping chips – profits can be made by developing the platform itself. The more capital the company receives, the higher the symbolic price. The project itself is very promising, its function will be solicited by many people, and we can say that soon LeadRex will grow and take its place among the market leaders of ICO.
To find relevant details about Leadrex right now, please follow some resources for the following references:

SITE ; https://leadrex.io/
ANN EN ; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980476
WHITEPAPER ; https://leadrex.io/docs/WP_LEADREX_ENG.pdf
MEDIUM ; https://medium.com/@leadrex
REDDIT ; https://www.reddit.com/r/LeadRex
TWITTER ; https://twitter.com/leadrex
TELEGRAM ; https://t.me/LeadRex_EN
FACEBOOK ; https://www.facebook.com/LeadRexAi
LINKEDIN ; https://www.linkedin.com/company/leadrex
YOUTUBE ; https://goo.gl/gvtuH8


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