LeadRex- lead generation one-stop shop platform powered AI

LeadRex lead generation platform uses artificial intelligence to ensure that all your advertising campaigns target the right audience and also convinces the potential customers to purchase the product of the service. This innovative and decentralized product makes the effort of eliminating problems that surround lead generation market such as the absence of an actual lead database, the spread of fraud, lack of comfortable interfaces, expensiveness, unable to reach the targeted audience as well as lack of transparency in cost information among others.
As a result, this platform targets different audience amongst them, small businesses, internet marketers, marketing agencies and advertising department employees. These are a different degree of the audience which LeadRex do not expect to acquire the same services and pay the same amount of cash for the services. As a result, the LeadRex platform has created amazing tariffs with different packages for different audiences which will definitely meet their needs as well as budgets.
The following are LeadRex proposed tariffs and their packages.
Option One
This tariff requires users to pay a sum of $35 on a monthly basis. This is suitable for small businesses who seek appropriate advertising campaigns at affordable prices to allow them to save more cash for the development of the business. This package consists of the following services: creator banners, landing page builder, API, Free templates, Round-the-clock domains, Creator banners as well as unlimited advertising campaigns.
Option Two
This tariff requires its subscribers to pay a sum of $50 on a monthly basis. It is also good for advancing small businesses that are aware of the sum of profits that they are earning on a monthly basis and wishes to increase the profits. As a result, the businesses would opt for this tariff for additional services which in the end is expected to increase the number of potential customers. The tariff offers the following, amongst them, Chat-bots constructor, Landing page builder, API, Free templates, Banner creator, unlimited advertising campaigns, CRM- system, Targeted advertising module as well as free webinars.
Option Three
This package requires users to pay a sum of $80 per month and its one of the complex tariffs that are available in LeadRex platform. This package is suitable for advertising department employees as well as marketing agencies. These groups require additional features and capabilities to ensure that they offer quality services to their clients within the shortest time possible. This will help them increase their profits as they will be able to work on as many advertising campaigns as possible without consuming a lot of time. The tariffs offer the following: API, 2free templates, Landing page builder, CRM-system, Creator of banners, Round-the-clock support, Targeted advertising module, Unlimited domains, Chat-bots constructor, Unlimited advertising campaigns, an Integration module, Free webinars, Artificial intelligence, Contextual advertising module and Statistics and analytics module
Option Four
This package requires its users to pay a sum of $600 a year; it is one of the best packages that consist of all the required components. It is meant for complex businesses such as internet marketers. It is perfect for such group of people because it ensures security, enables them to process as many advertising campaigns as well as affordable. It comes with the following services: API, Designer of landing pages, Round-the-clock support, Free templates, Unlimited domains, Creator banners, Targeted advertising module, Unlimited advertising campaigns, CRM system, Chat-bot constructor, webinars, personal manager, a Contextual advertising module, Statistics and analytics module, Integration modules and Artificial Intelligence

The website: https://leadrex.io

WhitePaper: https://leadrex.io/docs/WP_LEADREX_ENG.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/LeadRex_EN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/leadrex
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