In today’s world of marketing , internet is the most powerful place to advertise a product. Because of this reason Internet advertising is growing wvery year by 15-20% and researchers predict that within 2020 the increase in digital marketing will be $300 billion units. Keeping this in mind, LEADREX  has started the world’s first platform which makes all forms of marketing super easy to the users and the to the marketing agencies.

d2e8d73b18026170403.jpgIn this platform anyone who wants to run a marketing campaign of a product or service can directly involve himself to create the advertisement content of any form without any prior knowledge with the help of artificial intelligence at a very cheap rate. Moreover, LEADREX is also launcing it’s very own crypto currency which is called LDX. The users of this platform will get bonuses by the tokens and other people can also invest in the LDX tokens to get benefits. LEADREX  is offering various ICO ( initial coin offering) period with different bonus schemes so thaqt no one misses the chance of getting the LDX tokens.


LEADREX  platform is the combination of the advanced technologies. First one is ‘artificial technology’, which helps to choose target audience based on automatic analysis technique. It is also used to create the content of the advertisement. Second one is the ‘Eherium technology’ which is mainly a Blockchain  technology and which allows to implement multi-functional smart contacts with complex logic. Finally, ‘Enecuum’ technology provides the necessrey to provide speed of recoding information and its storage in a convenient form. LEADREX  is the easiest platform in the world to create various advertising content. Users can directly involve themselves to create the content without any knowledge of graphical interface and programming language only by using simple drag and drop technology. It provides many services such as

  • Landing page
  • Contextual advertising
  • Advertising in social networks
  • Media advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • Designer of chat bots.

No other company in the world provides these much of facilities along side with tokens called LDX.



To use the platform the users must register in the personal account or in the agent’s cabinet section depending on the user. After the registration a smart contract is created using the Blockchain  technology which is fully secured and it also solves the problem of other transparency issues between the client and the users which occurs frequently in present time. After the launch of the campaign the user can monitor the effectiveness of the advertisement and can disable components or include new components. Users can also choose only one service or many services with different tariff plans. Please visit (leadrex.io) for the details of the tariff plans. All internal payment will be conduct in LDX tokens to increase the demand of the tokens.

Initial Coin offering(ICO):

LEADREX  is planning to release 135,900,000 LDX tokens at first where 109,600,000 token will be sold in the ICO  period. LEadrex divided the ICO period in many rounds so that no one miss the ICO period. Currently the pre sale period is going on and it will continue till 11.06.18. After that Pre ICO, 1st ,2nd,3rd, ICO will take place over the year. 30% bonus offer is going on now. Currently 1ETH=16200 LDX . (ETH= Etherium) and the price will increase accordingly in the next rounds. Bonosuses will also be varied at different rounds of ICO  .

3.JPGIt is the perfect time to buy LDX tokens because the price will be increased as time goes. Professionals are handling the ICO period very well and it is very secured. So, there is nothing to be worried for investing. To buy and know more about the ICO  please visit (leadrex.io).


In this booming world of crypto currency and marketing it is wise to choose a company which is providing both solutions at the same time with best options and profit. It is very clear that LDX token will be very popular because of the potential of the company. So, Invest in LDX tokens and have profit in the future.

Website https://leadrex.io/
WhitePaper https://leadrex.io/docs/WP_LEADREX_ENG.pdf
Twitter https://twitter.com/leadrex
Telegram https://t.me/LeadRex_EN
ANN Bitcointalk Thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980476


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