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The number of users who are interested in digital money increases. Investments in bitcoin in 2018 will become all the more relevant trend. Everything goes to the fact that Bitcoin and other cryptomonad will continue to grow, and this means that, despite the high rate, new investors who are about to enter the market, too, will be able to earn.
Buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins, is one of the most relevant and profitable investments. To become an investor and start earning cryptocurrency, enough to have at least a small amount. For a start the fit and $500. Therefore, trading for most users is almost the only way to acquire the cryptocurrency.
In 2017 almost all of the top cryptocurrencies have shown good profitability. Of course, the clear leader was Bitcoin. The Bitcoin exchange rate continues to set records. Doing trading, we buy the liquid asset, which if necessary can quickly sell. Cryptocurrency can be quickly converted to Fiat currency and take profit or loss. If you compare the popular trade coins with investing in the ICO, then this option of investment is considered less risky.
But the exchange at the same time, and other investment instruments have many disadvantages, so if you have not yet learned how to trade, or choose good projects, I advise you to pay attention to the idea of the company Crasula capital.
This platform will bring together the experience of best traders, investors and analysts, and this will help to make absolutely every part of this ecosystem through the investment and proper allocation of common capital for various lucrative tools.
Will be implemented by the two team strategy plan is conservative and basic, which differ in the percentage of profit and assets. The main direction is of course the earnings on the cryptocurrency.
The fact that the platform will operate more capital means it will help to reduce many operating costs, invest in many profitable tools, best traders will make trades on arbitration situations, it is much better and, accordingly, the profit in this case more than any of you would alone.
In addition will be given a unique opportunity due to the large amounts to participate in pre-ico and ico, which are often inaccessible to the average investor with a small amount of money, or just the financial technical service is available to certain individuals.
This will be very useful for both novice and professional investor to earn as much as possible on this trend. Due to the fact that plaftorm is developed on the blockchain technology all of these benefits increase several times: the information and all data will be kept confidential, the opportunity to participate directly from their homes and cars, that is, from any point of the globe, the absence of intermediaries in the payment transactions and low fees.

The ICO proceeds within 51 calendar days where:
a. January 18, 2018 is the first day of receipt of applications and payment for Crass, ICO beginning date.
b. March 10, 2018 is the last day for receipt of applications, ICO completion date.
c. During the entire ICO period the single selling price of Crass is effective. One Crass costs 100 US Dollars.
d. Payment for Crass is conducted in crypto-currencies.
e. The following crypto-currencies are accepted for payment for Crass: Bitcoin Cass, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, f. Monero, Dash, Zcash, Aragon and others.
h. Bitcoin, Ethereum are accepted for payment directly, other crypto currencies and tokens are to be converted in online
account with ShapeShift System.
i. Crass are distributed at the completion of the ICO, based on the amount of funds raised and subject to the minimum
threshold for ICO. The amount of the last one is determined as 10,000 Crass.
j. In case where less than 10,000 Crass are sold at the completion of the ICO, the ICO will be considered invalid and all funds will be returned to investors after deduction of commissions for transactions.
The increase in NAV (profit) of Crassula Capital is calculated on the basis of the results of the reporting period (quarter), based on the public data on the activities of Crassula Capital. It is determined by the following formula:
Profit = NAV as of the end of the period – NAV as of the beginning of the period, (in US Dollars, > 0)
The profit distributes as follows:
50% remains in the assets of Crassula Capital, increasing the value of Crass;
25% is paid to partners of Crassula Capital (owners of Crass);
25% goes to the Management Team of Crassula Capital.
For more information Visit:
Website: http://crassula.capital
White paper: http://crassula.capital/uploads/wp_crassula_en.pdf
Presentation: http://crassula.capital/uploads/pres_crassula_en.pdf


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