LEAXCOIN is a decentralized platform in a global community format with the evolution of Blockchain in the real estate industry.

Leaxcoin is a decentralized global currency that adopts Ethereum blockchain technology, a leader in the evolution of smart contracts. The Leaxcoin platform comes up with a solution for all problems with real estate transactions, both in the purchase, rental, rental and launch of real estate or in the property registry.

In the Leaxcoin community, we will promote solid integration with organizations and local real estate registry offices so as to have the Leaxcoin Smart Contract accepted as a legal buy-sell document, as well as a legal representation in the transfer of those properties.

A comprehensive and integrated ecosystem, which facilitates the real estate process transition to the blockchain through the Leaxcoin platform and ecosystem.

The following elements as the main focus:

Property Registry

The entire platform environment is intended for local and global communities, with tools, applications and solutions to a full integration with registry, notary and government institutions, following the local jurisdiction for the transfer of title deeds.

The Leaxcoin platform is protected by blockchain, ensuring an unchangeable database.

As the information and document security is our number 1 priority!

Smart Contracts – Contracts, Listing and Real Estate Crowdsale

The Leaxcoin will be the largest global reference in Smart Contracts, not only for the innovating project it presents, but also for the tireless efforts of all people involved when it comes to integrating all the approved regulations for property transfer into the platform.

Security guarantee is the main focus, in order to ensure that every government regulation is followed in each jurisdiction.

By achieving these goals, we will be able to impact on the private sector and reach the State Department, always searching effective and quick ways to mitigate fraud risks.

Official Leaxcoin Wallet – Security and Privacy

The Leax wallet will be fully developed on the Ethereum blockchain network, which is encrypted to avoid fraud and theft, having Send, Receive and Token Purchase functions.


The Leaxcoin is very proud of being a real community with real estate specialists from all over the world. Together, we join forces to build a global community of the blockchain revolution enthusiasts, providing new resources to foment the real estate world revolution.

The community is actively encouraged and rewarded for getting involved in the development, marketing and real estate solutions.

If you want to join our community, become an ambassador in your city, state or country!

Leaxcoin is an open source project designed by a global community of totally self-funded and high qualified developers, engineers, designers, academics, economists and Blockchain cryptography enthusiasts, who have committed to taking the Leaxcoin to the main cryptocurrencies and making the decentralized technologies fully accessible to everybody.

General Information

Name: Leaxcoin
Symbol: LEAX
Decimal: 18
Type: ERC20
Total: 2,000,000,000.00 LEAX
Leaxcoin distribution


Join the Leaxcoin Project



You can join the community by contributing with ideas, feedback, codes, design, support and dissemination of the Leaxcoin Project worldwide.

Visit our GitHub page to be a developer.

You are welcome to discuss any project related to Leaxcoin with our friendly community in our Forums.

Any contribution will be welcome.

Up here explanation from me and to avoid all forms of fraud please look for accurate and reliable information or visit the Link I provide below:

Website: http://leax.io/

Whitepaper: http://leax.io/whitepaper-leaxcoin.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4815157.msg43429860#msg43429860

Telegram: https://t.me/FoundationLeax

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