Leaxcoin is the cryptocurrency that comes with the solution to all the problems related to real
estate transactions – whether in buying, renting, leasing, launching or even in registering
The success of the Leaxcoin platform will be totally achieved with a global community, founders,
ambassadors, members, real estate specialists and experienced developers, who integrate, with
the necessary tools, into all the real estate processes and regulatory agencies of property
registration for the blockchain. Everything complies with the countless jurisdictions of every
country, state and city.
The Leaxcoin will be used for several things in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, we can say
with absolute certainty that the Leaxcoin is a unique opportunity for growth, especially now, with
the virtual currency market in constant and significant growth

There is no doubt that the real estate market is the most stable investment, with a greater margin
of profits and lower risks of loss. This is what makes it so attractive to investors – be they
experienced or novices.
Why is investing in real estate so safe? Basically, we can say that there is security in this type of
investment for two reasons: great appreciation and hardly any depreciation over time.
Besides, the majority of people not only see the purchase of a property as the guarantee of having
a home but also as a way of owning an asset without having to worry about paying a rent, for
In the end, it is much easier to realize the importance of having a property – whether for
investment or for own use. Such certainty runs into one of the biggest problems we have
nowadays: bureaucracy and the high costs of real estate, especially in big cities
Concerning bureaucracy, we can say with optimism that technology and the new way of seeing
transactions might change the scenario in few years. Financing approval only for those who have a
high income and the need of numerous documents prevents the process from occurring in a fluid
and optimized way for both sides.
Where does technology come to solve all this? The ones who know the new cryptocurrency and
the Blockchain have already got an idea of the changes that are to come. The co-working
platforms, like the ones we present in this document, facilitate all the processes and real estate
negotiations – and the forecast is very optimistic.
This type of transaction relies on the guarantee that they will not be tampered or altered,
transforming the real estate process in something more intuitive, less bureaucratic and expensive,
besides privacy, security and agility.
This management will be done on Leaxcoin platform, being extremely safe for both parts.
Nowadays, we have real estate transactions that last up to six months but they could be handled
in a matter of days or even in hours with the new technologies.
Next, we introduce LEAXCOIN, a decentralized platform in a global community format with the
evolution of Blockchain in the real estate industry.

Imagine that you can conduct a real estate transaction without the need of any type of
intermediation, either by banks or third parts.
This is a reality knocking at the door of new crypt-coin investors, just like Leaxcoin. Our main
purpose is to have a focus of action through our platform and create a safe, fast and effective
Moreover, our focus will be on the real estate sector, which suffers with cumbersome bureaucracy
– real estate processes which hamper trade, for instance, and gradually become more expensive.
Additionally, we will also work on real estate transfers and make the transparence of peer-to-peer
transactions possible, always respecting the jurisdiction of every country where the negotiation
takes place.
The cryptocurrency will be the used for payment within our platform. Through this process, real
estate buyers and sellers will be able to negotiate their properties without any kind of
intermediary and, at the same time, will receive their payment anywhere in the world with
absolute guarantee.
This is what we call decentralized operations nowadays – which do not need any bank as a
The Leaxcoin has emerged to be much more than a simple transactional crypto currency, as well

The current real estate scenario could not be better. There are over 217 trillion dollars for
the area development! Only in 2017, the volume of global transactions reached 750 billion
Being aware of the dimension of this scenario, we believe that it offers a lot of opportunities,
especially with the evolution of technology. After all, it has not been so explored yet. Who offers
digital transactions to buy and sell real estates nowadays?
The development we have seen so far are just a drop in the ocean, compared to what we will see
over the next few years.
The technology adopted by the real estate managers nowadays is the 2.0 version, where all the
registry process of a property is done without any connectivity or standardization in several
underdeveloped countries, every time generating higher taxes and slower processes




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