LENDING BLOCK: borrowing/lending cryptocurrency platform.

Lendingblock enables cross blockchain value transfer for the crypto lending market and offers open exchange for borrowing and lending cryptocurrencies and digital assets based on agreement. Lendingblock platform serves as an open exchange for cryptocurrency loans in which borrowers and lenders are paired in simple, safe and transparent way. Lendingblock platform permits lenders to earn incremental interest income on their long term investment in digital assets, while borrowers can use their digital assets as collateral to enable borrowing to support shorter term trading,hedging and working capital needs. Lendingblock is creating a parallel financial service for the crypto economy to secure lending in traditional capital markets. Lendingblock will be the first exchange for crypto asset backed loans that meets the needs of institutional and individual borrowers and lenders in the crypto-economy.

Lendingblock platform is designed to enable and encourage borrowing and lending within the crypto financial system, bringing the economic benefits of lending (increased spending and growth, connecting capital supply and demand) to the distributed blockchain economy, while minimizing inefficient intermediaries that not necessary in the cryptographic asset environment.

Lendingblock is creating an open exchange for borrowing and lending crypto-assets. Holders of digital assets will be able to generate stable and secure returns without sacrificing the benefits of ownership, and borrowers who hold digital assets will be able to use these digital assets as collateral to borrow at market rates to support funding, hedging or investing strategies.


Lendingblock platform users are classified into been lender or borrower, regardless of been either retail or institutional in nature. Lendingblock platform permits lenders to be able to capitalize on incremental interest income from their asset portfolio without sacrificing the benefits of long-term ownership and will be supported by smart contract-executed lending terms and collateral.

Borrowers using the Lendingblock platform will access the previously-outlined benefits of asset lending within the cryptocurrency market, but will be able to do so via a platform that offers a transparent pricing and fee structure based on market supply and demand.

Both borrowers and lenders using the Lendingblock platform will be subject to KYC and AML verification and screening in order to ensure the platform remains compliant, and will be able to complete profiles that allow them to specify the nature of the lending or borrowing arrangement they are seeking.


1. Cross-Blockchain Value Transfer.

Users can collateralize assets across different blockchains and accept any digital assets on existing protocols.

2. Borrow And Lend Cryptocurrencies.

Lend your cryptocurrencies to receive interest on your holdings. Or, use them as collateral to secure a loan.

3. Track Payments And Portfolio.

4. Transparency

Lendingblock has simple and intuitive tools to track your portfolio of loans and monitor your payments via the app, wallet integration, or API.

5. Top safety

The entire lending process is secured by personalized smart contracts. Those smart contracts make sure the terms of your loan are fully protected.


Lendingblock (LND) is an ERC-20 compliant token. The LND token functions as the currency of use within the Lendingblock economy. Interest payments for loans paid by borrowers and received by lenders will made using LND. For example, a loan of BTC secured by ETH collateral will result in lenders being paid LND by the borrower. Lenders can then use this earned LND to pay interest on loans of their own, or sell the LND in a secondary market to other borrowers. Borrowers will be able to pre-purchase LND to meet interest payments at the start of the loan agreement, to allow them to lock in the cost of the interest payments. This has the effect of lengthening the time borrowers hold LND to the average of the loan duration and payment frequency.

Utility Token

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 LND

Token Allocation: 600 Million

Soft Cap: 5 Million USD

Hard Cap: 10 Million USD

Accepted currency: ETH

Unsold tokens would be burnt


– Pre-Sale

Sale Starts: 15:00 GMT, April 7th

Sale Ends: 15:00 GMT, April 14th

Tokens Allocated (Inc Bonus): 450,000,000 (45%)

Bonus: 20% bonus

No bonus

Lock Up for Bonus Tokens: 30 days

Target / Cap: $7.5m

Effective Price / LND: $0.01666667

– Main Sale

Sale Starts: 15:00 GMT, April 15th

Sale Ends: 15:00 GMT, April 22nd

Tokens Allocated (Inc Bonus): 100,000,000 (10%)

No bonus

Target / Cap: $2m

Effective Price / LND: $0.02



Kinds Regards, please be part of this project.

For more details click the links below;

WEBSITE: http://lendingblock.com

WHITEPAPER: https://whitepaper.lendingblock.com/#abstract

TELEGRAM: t.me/lendingblock

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lendingblock

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lendingblock/

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