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Have you known a better refreshing lening system has come? This is about it. These last couple of months have been really hard for all of us cryptopreneurs as Bitconnect and Davor, two leading lending platforms left their investors in the dark and the whole market collapsed as well. But now, as the market is rising, a new promising platform is coming in the limelight as well. The name is Lendium.tech and at first, it seems to be staying for a longer time in the market. Other than this, Lendium,tech would encourage investors to participate in the Lending platform and other events and would reward them accordingly so that the platform becomes more sustainable for the long term. Here is the plan for their LEM Competitions. What I am about to say the might be the most important thing about Lendium and that is that you can easily convert your profits to fiat currency with them and have them directly sent to your bank account. I don’t remember any other platform planning to give a service like this.
Lendium(LEM)-The Platform
Their lending packages aren’t much different from others and they can’t be because they need to offer people the services that they can afford to give and they have already said that they use Manual Traders and a self-designed Trading Bot for trades and have seen significant rates with its usage. Here are the packages that they offer.
Now Its ICO Time
ICO investors will have the benefit to avail of Lendium’s “flash lending program”. This program allows ICO members of a minimum $100 loan to a maximum of $5000. The company uses a trading bot in collaboration with professional traders that deal with various cryptocurrencies. Consequently, the setup can offer a higher return to investors based on the blockchain technology it employs. A special additional bonus adds up to 0.05% daily. The Lendium.tech crowd will have 10 Stages to buy LEM on ICO. If all the LEM on the Stage is sold out, we will go straight to the next stage. Unlike a traditional ICO, Lendium.tech is issuing tokens over a staggered period with a fixed supply of LEM available in each round. LEM tokens are sold at a price of $0.95 to $1.85 throughout the ICO, with the price lower at the beginning of the ICO. There’s a total of 10 ICO stages. It’s not usually a good idea to pay $1 for a value-less digital token online. However, Lendium.tech tries to convince you that it is a smart investment by telling investors that the token will be worth $800 (!) in Q4 2019. The token’s value will rise to $30 in July, then $150 before the end of 2018, before skyrocketing to $800 by the end of 2019. Lendium.tech provides no information behind these valuations. Lendium.tech is a decentralized independent financial system that allows the owner of the money through our loan system. The cost of the new loan.
Lendium(LEM) and Other Projects
The main difference with other loan projects, is Lendium.tech uses the Trading Bot combined with Expert Traders Team, which trades with lots of crypto, including new altcoins in different exchanges. This allows us to do that in a bullish or bearish trend using margin trading. You will be able to get information about the crypto we invested with our service called Market Plus Plan. In addition, our traders are investing in the meticulous ICO choosing to generate greater profits and return among our communities. Lendium.tech is different because it uses a new generation of bot trading combined with a team of proffesional traders to generate interest every day in the program. Their bot trading as long as the average daily return of 0.82% and our traders can achieve daily return of up to 4.3%. If we change these two factors, with us say we can get the creditor of daily interest up to 5%. Lendium(LEM) believes in this project and we work hard every day to achieve long-term sustainability, our main mission is their customers. They have sacrificed some of our profits to be able to offer greater interest in their program, which is our reason. All this together with the professionalism and experience of our team, making Lendium the best bet Lendium.tech is a decentralized self regulated financial system that allows owners to earn money through our lending system. The main difference with other lending projects is that Lendium.tech uses a trading bot combined with an expert traders team, which trades with plenty cryptocurrencies, including new altcoins in different exchanges. It allows us to offer high returns in bullish or bearish trends using margin trading. Also, our traders make investment in meticulously selected ICOs to generate greater profitability and redistribute the benefit among our community. The team has over 20 years experience managing assets and developing international business for private tradicional financial companies and more than 4 years making profit trading with cryptocurrencies.
Lendium(LEM)-Investment Packages
The main goal of Lendium.tech is to encourage you to spend USD on various “investment packages”. These investment packages advertise absurdly high returns, including daily interest rates of 5% and higher. Investment packages include all of the following
   $100 to $1000: 48% ROI per month, money locked for 179 days
   $1010 to $5000: 51% ROI per month + 0.1% ROI per day, money locked for 149 days
   $5010 to $10,000: 54% ROI per month + 0.2% ROI per day, money locked for 119 days
   $10,010 and Up: 57% ROI per month + 0.3% ROI per day, money locked for 99 days
Lendium(LEM)-The Conclusion
If an anonymous company online promises to double your money every few weeks with no risk, it probably means you’re being scammed. Lendium.tech asks investors to send money online in exchange for LEM tokens. LEM tokens can be used to participate in the Lendium.tech lending scheme, which pays returns of 5% per day. Ultimately, there are way too many red flags associated with Lendium.tech. It has all of the red flags we associate with crypto lending scams. In fact, it’s virtually identical to infamous Ponzi schemes like Bitconnect – and the complete lack of transparency regarding the team or business is very concerning.
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