Lendium.Tech-The New Loan Project Using Blockchain Technology

The Lendium Tech is another loaning stage that utilizes blockchain technology against Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Lendium’s core group has 20 strong years of involvement in asset management and worldwide business improvement. With an autonomous budgetary framework, Lendium enables its proprietors to win more cash through their loan facilities.

The main difference with other lending projects, is that Lendium.tech uses a Trading Bot combined with an Expert Traders Team, which trades with plenty cryptocurrencies, including new altcoins in different exchanges. It allows us to offer high returns in bullish or bearish trends using margin trading. You will be able to get informed on which cryptocurrencies we invest with our service called Market Plus Plan.

Also, our traders make investment in meticulously selected ICOs to generate greater profitability and redistribute the benefit among our community.

The team has over 20 years experience managing assets and developing international business for private tradicional financial companies and more than 4 years making profit trading with cryptocurrencies.

Lendium.tech is much more than a simple lending bot. We are professional traders, and we want you to take part of our daily profits.

ICO Affiliate Program

Lendium.tech offers a 2 level referral program with up to 15% bonus during the ICO. Anyone can join the referral program and earn free LEM, BTC, LTC or ETH by reffering investors to Lendium.

Level 1 – 10% Bonus

For every investor you refer you get a 10% bonus.

Level 2 – 5% Bonus

For every new investor they refer, you also get an additional 5% bonus.

About ico:

The Lendium.tech crowd will have 10 Stages to buy LEM on ICO. If all the LEM on the Stage is sold out, we will go straight to the next stage.

Lendium.tech is different because it uses a new generation of bot trading combined with a team of proffesional traders to generate interest every day in the loan program.

Our bot trading provides an average daily return of 0.82% and our traders can achieve daily returns of up to 4.3%. If we combine these two factors, we proudly say that we can get a daily interest creditor up to 5%.

We believe in this project and we work hard every day to achieve long-term sustainability, our main mission is our customer satisfaction. We have sacrificed some of our profits to be able to offer greater interest in our lending program, which is why we offer the best conditions of the loan market. All this together with the professionalism and experience of our team, making Lendium the best bet.

We are excited to present the best lending program available on the market: Flash Lending Plan. Thanks to the capital gains generated by our merchant team, we can offer our loyal customers a 15 day loan program, from a minimum amount of 100 USD to a maximum of 5,000 USD. Daily interest will be the same as in conventional lending programs with special bonuses + 0.05% every day.

This special program will be available starting June 2018. We will only offer two weekly packages per month and can be hired on the first day of each month.

Only clients who meet the following requirements can enjoy this exceptional condition.


The roadmap of Lendium.tech shows company activities to extend LEM’s power & influence globally.

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

Till next time…

Read more about Lendium.tech at :

Website : https://lendium.tech/

Whitepaper : https://lendium.tech/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram : https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@lendiumtech


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