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Lendium.tech is a decentralized self managed budgetary framework that enables proprietors to acquire cash through our loaning framework. This new loaning venture utilizes blockchain technology to benefit moneylenders.

The primary distinction with other lending projects, is that Lendium.tech utilizes a Trading Bot joined with an Expert Traders Team, which exchanges with bounty digital forms of money, incorporating new altcoins in various trades. It enables us to offer exceptional yields in bullish or bearish patterns utilizing edge exchanging. You will have the capacity to get educated on which digital forms of money we contribute with our administration called Market Plus Plan.

Likewise, our brokers make interest in fastidiously chose ICOs to produce more prominent productivity and redistribute the advantage among our group. Lendium.tech aims at using a new generation Trading Bot combined with a team of proffesional traders to generate the daily interest in the lending programs.

Our Trading Bot provides an average daily return of 0.82% and our traders can achieve a daily return up to 4.3%. If we combine this two factors, we are proud to say that we can obtain for lenders a daily interest up to 5%.


The Lendium.tech crowdsale will have 10 Stages to purchase LEM in the ICO. If all LEM in a Stage are sold out, We will move to the next Stage instantly.


The roadmap of Lendium.tech shows company activities to extend LEM’s power & influence globally.

Read more about Lendium.tech at :

Website : https://lendium.tech/

Whitepaper : https://lendium.tech/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram : https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@lendiumtech


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