Crypto blockchain Lottery

Leprecoin it’s

The first blockchain lottery with online broadcasting built on the principles of full transparency. Let’s make the lottery great again !

Minimum viable product

We have already released a beta version of the product Leprecoin.net . At the moment there are four variations of the game. Two games on the Ethereum blockchain, and two games on the Dash.

Privacy without borders.

You do not need to register or share personal data to participate.

Lottery sphere.

Spherical lottery machine equipped with ball capture and delivery  mechanisms.

The blockchain economy.

Financial flows are built on the blockchain, which eliminates fraud or loss of funds.

Guaranteed payments.

Thanks to the smart contract, the winner will always receive his winnings.

Online broadcast.

All Leprecoin Lottery games are played live broadcasting.

Airdrop for early beard

Leprecoin Lottery Promo (LLP)

this is a token that is issued for marketing promotion. 01.11.2018 only 5.000.000 tokens will be issued.

To get Leprecoin Lottery Promo go to Bitcointalk page

Why do I need Leprecoin Lottery Promo (LLP) ?

After ICO Leprecoin Lottery Token (LLT) will be added to the swap Leprecoin Lottery Promo (LLP) tokens. For 1 (LLP) you get 2 (LLT).

Token sale

80% Winner
10% Jackpot
5% LLT holders
4% Marketing
1% Service

Token metrics

TOKEN SALE: February (exact date soon)
Ticker: LLT
Token type: ERC20
Token price: 1LLT = 0.1$
Fundraising Goal: 8,500,000 USD
Total Tokens: 100,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 85%
Airdrop: 10%
Locked for team: 5%
All unsold tokens will be burned
Monthly 5% of turnover Leprecoin Lottery games will be given to LLT holders
For example – the turnover of the world famous Powerball lottery is about 4.5 billion dollars a year. Suppose that our turnover in 2019 will reach 2 billion.
Let’s imagine you bought 1000 tokens on ICO for 100$:
Token ownership percentage x Budget for dividends = Earned dividends for the year:
(1000/100 000 000) x (0.05 x 2 000 000 000 000) = 1000 $*
But if only 50% of tokens are sold through ICO, you will earn 2000$* etc.

Results will be released 100.000.000 tokens LLT

10.000.000 will be spent on swap tokens LLP. 5.000.000 team tokens will be frozen for 3 years. 85,000,000 LLT will go on sale Q1 2019.





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