Lesfex Project: An Innovative Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Online

Lesfex Crypto Currency Exchange is designed to provide innovative yet simple trading opportunities for investors of all levels of experience. Lesfex-a crypto trading platform that encrypts currency, crypto-trade and blokchain assets to reveal to the general public through a well-designed user interface and easy to understand encryption technology treydinga.Lesfex is functional LFX way, easiest and most successful exchange facilitated with the easy-to-use toolv.PlatformaLesfex allows investors to study before and after trading sessions using critical technical indicators, data analysis, community strategies and basic analysis. Lesfex’s professional and highly selective analysis team will perform compliance audits of all new currencies and implement a method to ensure that users have access to the entire information platform to safely act on what they need. Looking at the size of the new coins put on the market, means that there are a lot of future projects with the ICO, which are listed in the manufacture of symbolic trade exchanges, and here Lesfex- ready to serve the market.


Lesfex’s exchange plans to solve the problems inherent in many exchangers are:

Poor customer service

Market manipulation


Lack of market research

High transaction costs

The high costs of listing on the stock exchange

Lesfex Exchange was developed by Octanox (OTX) by a team of experts. It is intended to give the Octanox community, which offers lower rates for anyone who has supported this project as an investor. Octanox welcomes everyone to use the benefit of the lower rate to become part of the investment community. The Lesfex team knows that it is not possible to quickly build a reputation and build a reputation, so they will strive every day to earn respect and trust. Lesfex uses very simple but advanced digital business tools. The Lesfex system is constantly updated and tested to ensure that it meets the best industry standards. Blocking specialists have created a highly secure platform that can prevent all kinds of malicious attacks that can affect the merchant community. With the rapid development of block room technologies, the Lesfex team will be vigilant to ensure and maintain a stable and secure platform.
Unlike most ICO projects currently on the market without an existing platform or project backed by a development platform, Lesfex is one step ahead of all these projects. Lesfex is already configured by cryptodynamics, which is fully functional.
Lesfex (LFX) is a sample of the Lesfex Exchange platform, designed to create a friendly exchange, intended to help existing cryptographic projects and new future projects.

Token Name: Lesfex

Code: LFX

Algorithm: ERC20

The ICO programme will be divided into two phases, as shown below;

Phase 1 – Preliminary Sale (30 September – 27 October)

Phase 2 – Public Crowdsale (November 3 to November 30)

September 30 – October 6 0.03 USD

October 7 – October 13 0.04 USD

October 14 – October 20 0.05 USD

October 21 – October 27 0.06 USD

November 3 – November 9 0.07 USD

November 10 – November 16 0.08 USD

November 17 – November 23 0.09 USD

November 24 – November 30 0.1 USD


For further information visit the following web pages;

Official Website: https://lesx.org/

Official Whitepaper: https://lesx.org/whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LesfexExchange

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lesfex

Telegram: https://t.me/LesfexPlatform

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4941629.msg44531690#msg44531690

Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=994327


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