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LetItPlay is a decentralized ecosystem with attention economy, which allows any news portal, community, blogger or website to create, distribute and commercialize audio version of content. Yet, even content as popular as news is far more likely to be found in text or video form, and audio content on the Internet remains a second-class citizen. The main reason is that production of audio content brings no direct pro ts to the Content Providers, and requires additional investment into its production. LetItPlay provides a solution to this problem. LetitPlay is backed by EOS blockchain technology. Decentralized nature of this solution allows us to implement a genuinely transparent and fair attention economy designed to reward content creators for consumer attention to content, including listens, likes, comments and reposts. Similarly to what Steem has done for text content, LetItPlay will do for audio.

LetitPlay is developed using blockchain technology, thanks to which content authors will be rewarded for the attention of users to the content: listening, reviews, comments and messages. Like Stim and the Voice. This will allow not only to recoup the production of audio content, but also to gain access to a new channel for distribution and monetization of content, to reach a new audience.


Letitplay ecosystem is created as open as possible, so it can join other developers of specialized applications and services – content distributors. On the LetitPlay block-chain, applications for music, audiobooks, audio guides, etc. can be created. And in the future, after small improvements, LetitPlay will understand the same saving of attention in many other areas: video, games, even.

All payments between members of the ecosystem will be conducted in the local currency Play, in which the authors are rewarded for the attention of users.

LetitPlay within its ecosystem will bring together not only content authors and regular users, but also service providers, those who will help create audio content: speakers, audio editing studios, translators, editors, etc. This means that any news portal or blogger can create audio content not only for yourself, but also with minimal effort, because this will be enough to hire your favorite student and choose the right voice to prepare audio content.


An utility token for payment transactions in the ecosystem
Play tokens will be emitted as a reward to Content Providers according to Consumers listens, likes and shares


Determines user influence in the Ecosystem
It is also a powerful competitive tool to win the Consumers attention
The amount of PlayPower also determines the weight of vote for decisions in decentralized governance


Content provider:

They are the owners and creators of quality content. They are key players in The letitplay ecosystem.

Content distributors:

Are those who create services that will deliver content to consumers. These include mobile apps, smart apps, websites, and social media among other systems.

Content consumers:

These are people who want a quality audio version of any online content. LetItPlay ensures that consumers receive audio content that meets their needs.

Service provider:

Are people and businesses providing services for audio production. These include storytellers, translators, and sound production studios among others, and will be paid with tokens.


Are businesses and people who would like to deliver their content to the target audience. Advertisers pay consumers for their attention with game tokens.

A decentralized Autonomous organization, or DAO:

Will manage the development of the block chain and the growth of the ecosystem. DAO consists of delegates who have been selected for their competence and contribution.

To make the production of audio content profitable, the ecosystem will use the economy of attention. Content providers will reward consumers for their attention, such as likes, comments, posts, and listening. The amount of remuneration will depend on the overall capacity of the supplier and the consumer.


  • Create new opportunities for freelancers to work as editors, translators, and storytellers,
  • Service providers will have a stable source of income,
  • Service providers will have access to the global market,
  • The cost of audio production will decrease,
  • The audio content creation time will be reduced to 30 minutes,
  • Content providers will be able to produce audio in an affordable and fast way,
  • Consumers will have access to tons of quality content,
  • Distributors will be able to access a single source of content that they can use in their applications.

The Future of LetitPlay

In this section, we will describe possible development scenarios of the LetItPlay project over a one to three-year horizon. A part of what we describe may become a reality in the nearest future. We hold ongoing discussions with potential ecosystem participants and see positive feedback from IT industry giants.

We refrained from including these development scenarios in the roadmap, since
they depend on third parties, and we are unable to predict with accuracy when they may be implemented. However, we believe it necessary to tell about these possibilities, since they can significantly speed up the LetItPlay development in one direction or another.

Distribution Network Development

In the long term, the circle of Content Distributors is expected to widen due to the following participants:

Smart TV

One of apps for Smart TV may transform a TV set into an intelligent assistant like in movies about the future. While engaged in household chores, a person may ask the TV set to tell during 30 minutes what interesting happened in the world lately. The TV set, based on consumer preference from his LetItPlay profile, will compile a relevant audio playlist for half an hour. While having meals or cleaning up the house, the user will be able to listen to content that is of relevance to him by giving voice commands to the TV set.

TV and Internet telecom providers
Similarly to Smart TV, telecoms can embed special apps into their TV set-top boxes or in their Internet services to expand the package of services offered to their audience.

In-car multimedia systems
We all got used to listening to radio in our cars. Each radio station has its own running order, but staying tuned to it is not convenient for consumers. Instead of listening to favorite programs people switch between radio stations and select what seems appropriate at the moment. With an app running on LetitPlay and embeddable into an in-car multimedia system, Consumers will be able to listen to content that is interesting to them, and do that at any time. People will no longer be limited by a choice offered by radio stations and will be able to get audio content they want upon voice request and recommendations based on subscriptions, preferences, and location.

Smart watches and other wearable devices
We are confident that smartphones as we know them and their functionality will change dramatically with the development of AI-based voice-activated interfaces. When it happens, audial consumption of information will regain its popularity among a great many people.

Social networks and messenger
At the moment, the main user traffic is generated by social networks and messengers, and integrating special LetItPlay audio widgets into them seems the easiest way for expanding the audience. Yet, such integration will be possible as soon as these platforms support operation with our blockchain. Its time is bound to come. Currently, the most open platform is Telegram for which we will provide a bot that supports key functionality for access to content.

Technology Development

In this section, we will list key technologies that may significantly impact the LetItPlay ecosystem and products running on our blockchain in general:

Synthesized voice

Already today, synthetic voices for projects such as Siri, Cortana or Alice sound pretty decently. Some people and even bloggers use them for voicing their text content. Yet, they are still too monotonous, make mistakes in word stress, or are not easy to use. We integrate synthetic voices into our ecosystem as Service Providers. Voicing by a synthetic voice will be available for Content Providers as the most affordable way of voicing text content. Quite possibly such artificial voices will learn to be emotional and adjust to the user profile in future.


Often the Content Consumer is not looking for detailed information about an event, but a brief digest. For example, the user can listen to a 5-minute overview of the main points instead of a 30-minute interview without almost no loss of the informative value. In the scientific community, the problem of automatic annotation is considered very challenging and can be properly solved in specific areas only. A solution to this problem will allow people to save a lot of their time. Therefore, we will keep track of the advancements in this area and will experiment with the existing solutions. track of the advancements in this area and will experiment with the existing solutions.


The playback marker is a token ERC20 based on the network chain Ethereum ICO date of the token sale will be from 2 April to 1 June 2018, the Tokens will be divided in four stages during the sale. 60% of the 1,000,000 available PLAY tokens will be available for purchase during a public sale.

Name: PLAY

Total supply: 1 000 000 000 PLAY

Tokensale schedule

Tokensale stage I (ETH) : 1 MAY 2018 – 15 JUN 2018

Token price : 1 ETH = 10 000 PLAY

Bonus stage 1 : +20% PLAY UP TO 7 MAY 2018

Bonus stage 2 : +10% PLAY UP TO 14 MAY 2018

Bonus stage 3 : +5% PLAYUP TO 21 MAY 2018




Andrey Durakov: CEO

Kirill Yurkov: CTO

Grisha Klimov: Web and Cloud Expert

Aleksander Drem: Business Development

Product Team

Danil Gubaydulin:Product Manager

Vadim Kropotin: Product Manager

Anastasia Sumergenova: Content Manager

Igor Demin: Community Manager

Victor Borodulin: Community Manager

Developers Team

Alexey Tyurnin: iOS Developer

Salavat Gazizov: Full stack Developer

Daria Badanina: Android Developer

Alexey Krayev: Blockchain Developer

Polina Abrosimova: iOS Developer

Design and Marketing Team

Alexander Klimov: UX/UI Designer

Anna Shekhtman: Designer

Anna Osokina: Designer

Alina Ibragimova: Design & Marketing


Kevin van der Veer

Petr Asalkhanov

Justin Fondriest (Fuzzy)

Adrien Henni

Lyubov Simonova

Michail Okunev

Michail Nikulin

Da Vinci Capital

For More Information Please Visit the Links Below;

Website: https://letitplay.io
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Telegram: https://twitter.com/letitplay_io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/letitplay_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/letitplayio
ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3140643.0

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