Greetings, my dear friends. Today we will consider a unique project. LetItPlay is a decentralized ecosystem that allows any news portal, blogger, community or website to create, commercialize and distribute an audio version of its content. LetItPlay provides content providers, content distributors and content consumers, allowing any news portal and even individual bloggers to provide a sound version of their content. LetitPlay is a platform for creating an Internet audio channel. This means that every information resource on the Internet, a news portal or a blog, an interesting audience, should have its own sound version.
With the help of audio, we want to remove the visual channel of information, which is overloaded by a modern person. Text, video, VR and even games – all are consumed visually and compete for the same time on those days that no longer become.
At the same time, almost every person during the day will receive several hours when the visual channel is busy and the mind is free to perceive information: driving and transporting while playing sports and household chores before going to bed and after awakening.  This time is ideal for perceiving information in audio form.
Agree that much of what you are accustomed to read or watch on the video, you can retell in words, almost without loss of effect, for example, news, articles, analysis, blogs, etc. It would be very convenient during the trip to work on listening to news with a familiar site, your favorite blogs or even comments of friends about the events in the world.
However, even such popular content as news is very rarely produced in audio format – much less often than in the form of texts or videos. The main reason for this is that the widespread production of an audio version of content (podcasts) is economically unprofitable for authors, since it does not generate direct revenue, and additional production costs are present.
LetitPlay seeks to solve this problem.
LetitPlay is developed using blockchain technology, thanks to which content authors will be rewarded for the attention of users to the content: listening, reviews, comments and messages. Like Stim and the Voice. This will allow not only to recoup the production of audio content, but also to gain access to a new channel for distribution and monetization of content, to reach a new audience.
LetitPlay within its ecosystem will bring together not only content authors and regular users, but also service providers, those who will help create audio content: speakers, audio editing studios, translators, editors, etc. This means that any news portal or blogger can create audio content not only for yourself, but also with minimal effort, because this will be enough to hire your favorite student and choose the right voice to prepare audio content.
Letitplay ecosystem is created as open as possible, so it can join other developers of specialized applications and services – content distributors. On the LetitPlay block-chain, applications for music, audiobooks, audio guides, etc. can be created. And in the future, after small improvements, LetitPlay will understand the same saving of attention in many other areas: video, games, even.
All payments between members of the ecosystem will be conducted in the local currency Play, in which the authors are rewarded for the attention of users.
Players of the system LetItPlay
Content provider:
they are the owners and creators of high-quality content. They are key players in the letitplay ecosystem.
Content distributors:
those who create services that deliver content to consumers. These include mobile applications, smart applications, websites and social networks among other systems.
Consumers of content:
these are people who want to get a high-quality audio version of any online content. LetItPlay guarantees that consumers will receive audio content that meets their needs.
Service Provider:
people and businesses that provide services for audio production. These include storytellers, translators and sound production studios, among others, and will be paid tokens.
these are companies and people who would like to deliver their content to the target audience. Advertisers pay consumers for their attention with game tokens.
Decentralized autonomous organization or DAO:
will manage the development of the block chain and the growth of the ecosystem. The DAO consists of delegates who have been chosen for their competence and contribution.
To make the production of audio content profitable, the ecosystem will use the economy of attention. Content providers will reward consumers for their attention, such as comments, comments, messages and auditions. The amount of remuneration will depend on the total capacity of the supplier and the consumer.
Advantages of the LetItPlay system for the protection of the audio system
The availability of producers, consumers and service providers in one ecosystem will change the market of audio content:
Create new opportunities for freelancers to work as editors, translators and storytellers.
Service providers will have a stable source of income.
Service providers will have access to the global market
. The cost of audio production will decrease.
The time for creating audio content will be reduced to 30 minutes.
Content providers will be able to produce audio in an affordable and fast way.
Consumers will have access to tons of quality content.
Distributors will be able to access one source of content that they can use in their applications.
The playhead is an ERC20 based on the network chain. The date of sale of the Ethereum ICO token will be from April 2 to June 1, 2018, the tokens will be divided into four stages at the time of sale. 60% of the 1 000 000 available PLAY tokens will be available for purchase during a public sale.
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