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In football risk parameters cause difficulties in raising funds. This has led to a complete. The domination of club ownership by some wealthy people with regular fans does not have the ability to earn shares in the club or feel part of soccer.
Economic impacts are more surprising when considering global and local advertising and sponsorship budgets are spent. Football also has some of the most expensive league clubs generating billions of additional revenue in each league game through sponsorship, player money and championship prizes. That sport has been proven to unite and unite people at all borders regardless of who and where they are.


The London Football Exchange (“LFE”) Group is a group of financial, technological, media, and entertainment companies that intend to operate in a variety of fields from professional sports arenas, especially soccer (football). Overall the LFE intends to be a powerful change organization but regulated in a commercial environment. LFE believes in fan engagement for youth development and job creation, the LFE intends to make a positive difference for everyone involved with the LFE community, wherever they live or in what areas they play.

About London Football Exchange (“LFE”)

    Secure crypto-wallet to manage LFE services, tokens, tickets, & exchange accounts
    Pay any place with fiat currency and online LFE tokens & at participating local LFE retail locations
    Get & redeem LFE tokens, points & bids to become loyal fans
    Exclusive events & VIP access to clubs, players, & special events
    Exclusive access to LFE players, clubs, & access LFE, tickets, & LFE seats
    Buy, sell & buy LFE tokens. Access exclusive LFE services & Club-Packages premium content
    LFE destination travel packages & exclusive offers from your favorite LFE club
  • LFE Gear
    LFE gear displays your favorite players, clubs, & leagues wherever you go.

Pre-Sale: January 15, 2018 to February 11, 2018
Public Crowd Sale: February 12, 2018 to July 22, 2018

Fundraising Objectives
Approximately $ 350 million USD

Received Currency
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), bank transfers that support fiat currency, GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, and CHF.

Payment of LFE

Every transaction in the LFE ecosystem, whether indirectly buying equity in your favorite football club or buying a unique experience and match tickets, will be supported by an LFE Token. The LFE Token acts as a single payment source in the LFE marketplace that helps eliminate global payment friction and also allows global users to avoid foreign exchange fees and long waiting times in order for payments to be removed. The unchangeable and irreversible nature of the token blockchain helps to eliminate fraud and chargebacks typical of traditional payment systems. This not only helps save a lot of costs associated with fraud detection but also allows football clubs to have liquidity access much faster than traditional methods. This will not only help simplify the payment infrastructure for clubs and leagues, but it will also help them reduce the payment processing costs that result in lost revenue for these organizations. All payments are intended to be made possible through the LFE wallet which will contain all of the LFE Token balances and the club’s equity tokens (if any). Using LFE Token all these payments will be handled effectively with nominal processing fees.

Business Win

The LFE Token allows businesses to operate without dealing with currency risk and has the ability to offer standard fees for their products worldwide. This will create a friendlier environment for smaller businesses and to provide football fans with more services and products that will enhance the overall sporting experience

Fans Win

Football fans can use the LFE Token and gain access to exclusive loyalty features that include redeeming tokens for exclusive experience on the ground and off the field such as VIP services and interaction with their favorite team players.

LFE Token is intended to be used to make online payments in the LFE Market with a comfortable mobile wallet. LFE fans are expected to make purchases while earning LFE loyalty points to support participating LFE stadium venues, and surrounding communities including restaurants, shops and other locations with security, convenience, and at a greater cost than traditional payment options.

The LFE Payment Service is intended to extend beyond retail type payments to include peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, gift giving and other unique and new services.

There will be no possibility for LFE Contributors to redeem or “cash in” the LFE Token because there will be no claim against LFE Token publishers.

In addition, LFE tokens can be used to purchase merchandise easily regardless of the existence of a fan; they also allow the ability to buy tickets easily using a single currency regardless of where the match takes place. The LFE Tokens allow fans to get a chance to join the world’s largest soccer community, and they’ll be rewarded for that too.

Sales Token

The token sale takes place in various phases. The pre-sale price is $ 0.12 / token and will gradually go up with a $ 0.02 / token increase in 5 more phases, with the token final sale stage setting a token at $ 0.2 / token. Token will be tradable on the internal exchange offered by LFE.

For more information visit;

Website: https://lfe.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/lfemarket

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LFEMarket

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LFEexchange

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