LFE, how to buy your football team’s equity share

A few days ago, news media my support team and London football exchange between the Company (Elfi) is out with a report on the important agreement (Ref: Https://newsklfekcom/ FC-turn-agreed-turn – Contents- First to join the Italian-club-London-Football-exchange /) The news was told about the cryptocurrency and bitokeine case but it was not so elaborate. Therefore, being inspired by my curiosity, I opened my friend Google and found the website of “Crypto Company”

Reading the project, I get more attention because I understand the capacity of my favorite team and therefore, the idea at which the LFO project is based.
The main idea is to create block exchange stellar and an exchange on the wave, which allows to buy and sell soccer club stocks.
This is not the first time that the football crypto enters the world. In January, in fact, Cashback Coin signed an agreement with Arsenal FC to advertise its ICO (Initial Coin Prasad). In this case, LFE does not want to enter into contact only, but football finance revolutionizes the world, feeds the ecosystem and mobilizes the gathering of sports, media, entertainment, finance and the crowd.

Supporters who buy or hold LFE tokens can enjoy special offers, participate in VIP events, buy limited edition sales, and if the football club allows, then buy tickets or TV programs, Intermediates do bypass the growing margins.
With more margins, each club can reduce the prices of the bank and raise the demand, or from time to time to invest in the future, be determined on the basis of solid funding without any regard to the bank institutions. Could.

The LEF promotes a decentralized exchange where supporters can buy tokens at fixed prices based on market demand and with whom the football club can buy packets provided. To better understand the power of thought, I returned to FC Burari, 1908 Presidential Statement. Mr. Giankasprow (Chairman) is considered to be the opportunity to buy share equity with LFO equity to finance supporters for their team’s offer, which can participate in earnings, which means increase in equity, disconnect debit from banks And be free to operate on the market and invest in infrastructure. The price of the real stock is always being bought in a way, because of any fees or management incidents.

The offer of the initial coin LFA has already begun and the president is closed. The hard-caps are very ambitious because the points collect $ 350 million. Actually, I do not record publicity, but I am sure that one day it will increase after some news has come out.
The team is solid and well connected to the football world, in fact, there is news evidence on FC Bari and the Elocobendas Club (ref https://news.lfe.com/viva-crypto-madrid-based-alcobendas-joins-lfe/ ) .
Roadmap: Tokens are being released in the third quarter of 2018, and at the same time the beta exchange platform will be launched. The final version of the exchange platform is estimated for the first quarter of 2019. Meanwhile, the LFE team is working with soccer clubs and signing more agreements with demonstrations

Closing, the LFE platform is a good notice for the football world and supporters, as well as pushing the concept of Blockchan into the mainstream market, can lend to the big audience enjoying the game of football.

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion which is my personal opinion, please do not consider it financial advice.

For further information:
Home Page https://lfe.com/
Whitepaper: https://lfe.com/whitepaper/LFE_ITO_WHITEPAPER_2018v1.1.pdf
Telegram Group: https://t.me/lfemarket
Twitter official: https: // twitter.com/LFEMarket

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