LIBERDY First Decentralized Advertising Data by Blockchain Technology

Data is measured, collected, reported and analyzed, after which it can be viewed using graphs, drawings or other analytical tools. Data as a general concept refers to the fact that some information or knowledge is represented or encoded in an appropriate form for better use or processing. Use data is a collection of numbers or characters before it is cleaned and corrected by the researcher.

The gene data must be corrected to eliminate the meaning or obvious tool or wrong data entry. Data processing is usually done by phase and data processed from the phase can be considered as the next phase of raw data. The field data is raw data collected in an uncontrolled environment.

The experimental data is the data generated in the context of scientific research with observation and recording.Data has been described as a new oil in the digital economy.

Online advertising, also known as online marketing or Internet advertising or web advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising used by the Internet to send marketing promotional messages to users. Users see online ads as unwanted diversions with multiple benefits and gradually move to ad blockers.

For various reasons. The advertising industry is a global industry of public relations and marketing companies, communication services and advertising agencies that are now being operated by several international companies. It is a multibillion-dollar company that connects producers and consumers.

Liberdy uses blockchain technology and GDPR rules to allow experienced users to manage their data rights. By reselling their data, users become partners in the online advertising ecosystem for the first time. Liberdy has developed a decentralized advertising data management platform (permissions), based on blockchain technology that rewards users for using advertisers using their data.

The online advertising industry faces two major challenges:

Data is not considered a commodity and therefore users are not considered part of the ecosystem

Ad advertisers experience inaccurate data deficiencies in non-transparent ecosystems. Liberdy utilizes blockchain technology and GDPR rules to allow users to manage their data rights and utilize the use of their personal information.

Purchases and data exchanges take place in the background every time we go online but users who send data get a few answers and that’s where Liberdy comes in, official website

DMP based on our agreement gives advertisers access to unique and trustworthy data, so far they can not be found outside the browser-walled gardens (FB or Google) but also create a transparent economy that sees consumers, real data owners, as partners in building advertising-based the truth of the future.

The data extracted in DMP is information that users have shared with companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon.Powered by blockchain, we guarantee that user data is high-quality, accurate, verified and with date and time.All transactions published in blockchain are transparent to all different players.

USER – Liberd Ecosystem

*Get appreciation for data you’ve shared with Google, Facebook and Amazon.

*Keep control over collected information -Managing

advanced rebate platforms.


*Refuting new revenue streams

*Receiving your user data – Use most GDPR rules


*Easy integrate with your preferred DSP

*Joins with a rich international data warehouse

*Manages database based on experience

*Lucky from verified data in blockchain

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