Libereum: The Blockchain Football/Soccer Sports Club Network Is Here!!!


Libereum is project that is ERC20-based LIBER tokens. The fundamental aim of this company is to make a framework that will utilize a games foundation with the objective of getting a football club in a standout amongst other European alliances. Positively, this will be no simple element to accomplish.

The company has been following the digital currency industry intently as of late and has found its conceivable outcomes so it is completely dedicated to making a gathering that will have the capacity to make genuine ventures that will be gainful.

This present company’s group has authorities in digital currency and in the football business. They have long periods of involvement in their individual regions and truly have the information to influence this new company to go ahead in the market. The company is right now searching for the ideal group to purchase.

What is Libereum?
Libereum will be the first crypto company who own’s a football club and will create their own demand of Libereum by their own decentralized crypto economy and they want to gradually engage with their fans to pay with Libereum such as tickets, merchandise or any refreshments.

Libereum also want to connect on all the local shops, business owners and other business where you can pay with Libereum.

Libereum will keep on buying football clubs in all country of the world by doing this they will make a demand of Libereum each time they buy a club.


To acquire a football club in one of the top sporting divisions of Europe, Libereum have carefully watched and they already observed the development of the Red Bull clubs (RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg) the Libereum company also believes that combining cryptocurrency or Libereum with sports will make cryptocurrencies go mainstream.
Why choose Football?

The platform choose football because of its conviction that it is in fact the most popular sport in the world with revenue worth several billions of dollars which makes it a lucrative spot for investment and a worthwhile aspect of sports in which the integration of cryptocurrency will make payment transactions easier thus expanding the potential of the blockchain industry.

How the platform is structured?

This platform is structured in such a way that it will connect different kinds of users in the sport industry i.e. football clubs and to do this, the platform intends to purchase a top class football club in Europe which in time will be supported by various fans who will purchase the Libereum.

Token thus increasing the value of the token thus benefitting users that are early investors.

The platform intends to get its sponsors and business partners to use the Libereum token for transactional payments instead of fiat currencies like USD, EUR etc through the use of Libereum bonded contracts only.

The platform also intends to promote Libereum by making it a payment option for fans during football seasons to purchase merchandise and various sport products from the club at ease while also having the opportunity to get discounts.


On the off chance that you are hoping to get beginning in putting resources into this new company, you need to make your record by utilizing the “join” catch on the site of the company and join the deals. After you affirm your email address, you can utilize the stage. There you will have the capacity to perceive how much tokens you claim. You can gain the tokens amid the up and coming deal.

After the company has just purchased clubs, you can utilize the tokens to purchase tickets and stock from these clubs.

In conclusion, Libereum is furnishing the majority with a chance to be nearer to the soccer clubs they cherish. While such an advancement will require some serious energy, the trip is beneficial as there is a ton of long haul opportunity in the soccer business.


Libereum Token / Coin is an ERC-20 compatible which will initially focus on building a network of users in the sports industry.The Libereum early token adopters will have a greater bonus or discount to offer, Libereum aims to be on the top 10 cryptocurrency after they gain the ownership of the first football club.

There will be a total of 10,000,000 or 10 million Libereum Token’s available during the Pre-sale and it will also be the softcap target of the company.
The current price of the token is 0.9 USD each Libereum Token.
The minimum purchase for each investors is 5,000 Libereum Tokens.
The maximum pruchase for each investors will be 1 million Libereum tokens.

Soft Cap
As mentioned earlier the Pre-sale of the Libereum token’s includes the soft cap target of the Libereum Company.
The Exact amount of the soft cap target is 6,000,000 USD or 6 million US Dollars.
The equivalent of the soft cap is 6,666,666.67 Libereum Tokens including the referral bonuses.

The Libereum Company plans to announce their first club after the pre-sale has ended which will of course gain a lot of momentum during the ICO itself.

Libereum company split their ICO into 5 divisions or different phases.

Each Phase will start directly right after the end of the previous phase has reached its maximum of offered Libereum Tokens.

Every phase has a different prices category.
ICO Round Phase 1: 8 million (8,000,000) Liber Token = 0.90 USD each
ICO Round Phase 2: 8 million (8,000,000) Liber Token = 1.25 USD each
ICO Round Phase 3: 8 million (8,000,000) Liber Token = 1.70 USD each
ICO Round Phase 4: 8 million (8,000,000) Liber Token = 2.25 USD each
ICO Round Phase 5: 8 million (8,000,000) Liber Token = 3.00 USD each

Token Distribution
After the crowd sale has ended, Libereum will be made available for purchase at the regular market price through exchanges. The remaining half will be split into different parts to provide fans, sponsors, partners and everybody else with the opportunity to buy Libereum directly from the platform. For a better understanding of Libereum token distribution, please see the following graph:

Libereum Roadmap

May 2018
: Launch of Libereum website (anyone who is interested can brows the Libereum website and read about the project).
May / early June 2018: Pre-sale starts (anyone who like’s to support Libereum project and interested to invest are welcome).
August 2018: Announcement of the first Libereum owned Foot ball club (the company will announce the name of the foot ball club they owned).
August 2018: ICO start (anyone who wants to invest but gets late on the pre-sale still have a chance to buy Liber tokens).
September 2018: Launch of Liber Token on 5 different exchange (Liber token will be listed on 5 different exchange and ready to trade).
October 2018: Announcement of the second Libereum owned Foot ball club (the company will announce the name of the foot ball club they owned).
4th Quarter of 2018: Announcement of the third Libereum owned Football club (the company will announce the name of the foot ball club they owned).
4th Quarter of 2018: Announcement of the fourth Libereum owned Football club (the company will announce the name of the foot ball club they owned).
January 2019: First mandatory ticket payments with Libereum (the first time you can buy tickets using Libereum Tokens).
1st Quarter of 2019: Libereum will be mandatory as payment for tickets for the first 3 acquired clubs (only Libereum Token’s is allowed to buy tickets for the 3 clubs acquired by the Libereum Company).

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