Libereum is a new startup company that launched LIBER ERC20-based tokens. The main idea of ​​this company is to create a system that will use a sports background with the aim of getting a football club in one of the best European leagues. Of course, this will not be an easy feature to achieve.

The company has followed the cryptocurrency industry recently and has discovered the possibility that it is fully committed to creating groups that will be able to make real investments that will be profitable.

The company’s team has specialists in cryptocurrency and in the football business. They have years of experience in their respective fields and truly have the knowledge to make this new company advance in the market. The company is currently looking for the perfect team to buy.

Why Will Libereum Invest in Football? 
Libereum believes that football is, in fact, the most popular sport in the world and, because of this, it is a big target for investment. The future of the cryptocurrency industry is sure to cross the future of football, the creators of the company believe.

Therefore, they believe that using new tokens to be made by the company, LIBER ERC-20 tokens, will be a big investment. In addition, users holding company tokens will be able to obtain special payment options for season tickets when they use LIBER tokens to buy them.


 that the supporters of the team Libereum will buy will start buying tokens from the company and this will make the token price increase over time, making it very profitable for people who invest in the company earlier.

How do you use Libereum? 
If you want to start investing in this new company, you must create your account by using the “register” button on the company’s site and join the sale. After you confirm your email address, you can use the platform. There you will be able to see how many tokens you have. You can get tokens during future sales.

After the company has purchased the club, you can use tokens to buy tickets and merchandise from these clubs.

The Libereum LIBER Token Sale 
Pre-sale tokens LIBER have already occurred. This will have a total of 10,000,000 LIEN tokens for sale, which is also a soft hat (and hard hat). This is certainly strange. The company stated that the money would be enough to buy the club in one of the competitions that the company wanted and added Libereum to several exchanges.

The token price will be 0.60 USD for each token and purchase of at least 5000 LIBER tokens per person without maximum amount. If you want to buy all tokens that are still not sold, you can do it.

Libereum’s ICO, on the other hand, will have give different phases that will be followed. Each phase will have a cap of 8,000,000 LIBER tokens and the price will increase. It will start on 0.90 USD per token, then 1.25 USD, 1.70 USD, 2.25 USD and finish at 3.00 USD. The company is planning to start the sale in July.

There is also a referral system. You get 7% from the first level referrals that you make and, if these people call more people in, you get 2% from level two referrals and 1% from level three ones.

During 2018, the announcement of the clubs that will be bought by the company will also be made after the purchases have been done.

Token Distribution 
After the mass sale ends, Libereum will be available for purchase at regular market prices through exchange. The remaining half will be divided into different parts to provide fans, sponsors, partners and others with the opportunity to buy Libereum directly from the platform. For a better understanding of the distribution of Libereum tokens, please see the following graph:



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