LigerCoin -The Game Changer.

Good day to you out there, are you an online or offline game lover? or have you ever desired to easily make money gambling or betting on a sporting platform without the hassle of over hyper concerns? if yes, then I have a good news for you. LigerCoin is here for you.
Having visited their official website and gone through the whitepaper, I am more than excited to provide a detail and well-balanced review of such a promising project.
Let us start this way.

It is no more a news that we are in the era of cryptocurrency, and this comes with a lot of new conceivable outcomes and possibilities in the gaming markets. With LIGER, you’ll enjoy independence from any country’s economy with a high level of control that is given by blockchain technologies.
Below are the reasons why Liger is the next Big step in the Gaming Industry

Over the years, Wagering and Betting have been two most loved exercises inside the general public. Furthermore, today, with the propelled innovation advancement, both Wagering and Betting are getting more fun and less demanding to do. Everybody from any parts of the world can take an interest in worldwide betting and wagering movement. This implies there are no more impediments that can hinder their courses into taking an interest in any occasions including wagering and betting that may incorporate Live Sports Betting, Fantasy Sports, Online Gaming, Casinos and other wagering exercises. In the realm of wagering itself, numerous contenders have been putting forth different administrations to draw in more betters into their recreations. Be that as it may, the LigerCoin has its own remarkable and powerful approach to draw in betters.

What is LigerCoin?

Liger is a Cryptocurrency which unites two Giants: The flourishing Gaming Community and the Emerging Blockchain Technology. Liger tries to be the ‘Digital currency of Choice’ for the Gaming Industry. Liger makes the Utility for its Tokens through making a far-reaching Community of Gamers (Casinos/Fantasy Sports and Live Sports Betting) and Service Providers through the ‘shared’ trade highlight of the Blockchain Technology. Liger comes with the disruption of the current procedure by wiping out all intermediaries in the Gaming, Fantasy Sports and Live Sports wagering Industry. Liger’s area is situated in Malta. The Crypto Friendly Government and Casino inheritance of Malta make an ideal cooperative energy with Liger.Rather than drawing in clients by utilizing ordinary web or portable application with reward, LigerCoin has made its own biological community by profiting from the Blockchain innovation. For what reason did LigerCoin pick blockchain innovation? All things considered, the appropriate response is straightforward. Blockchain innovation gives an ongoing moment and secure exchange inside the biological system. With the help from this specific innovation, there will be an awesome utility of decision for betters associated with any kinds of wagering including Sports betting, on the web and disconnected clubhouse and online dream sports utilizing blockchain innovation.

Just envision how one of a kind and intriguing it is to take an interest in blockchain-based wagering and betting exercises. It will be more secure as well as all the more encouraging as far as winning due to the expanding estimation of the digital currency.
Liger’s fundamental objective is to accomplish a 1% piece of the overall industry in view of significant worth within a period of five years, since its origin over every single distinguished Industry (Online and Offline Casinos, Sports Betting and Sports Fantasy)

To support LIGER as the preferred money for the recognized Industry. LIGER will utilize Blockchain Technology to make satisfactory substance and utilities through the LIGER digital money. To give better exchange speed than Users and Service Providers with finish security and straightforwardness confirmation. To give all partners, hassle-free and constant settlement.

In summary, the LigerCoin specifically considers itself to be an installment mode for online and disconnected gambling clubs, sports wagering and furthermore online fantasy sports that utilize the blockchain innovation.

It has its principal objective as to giving safe, middle person free and straightforward wagering with the goal that it can fabricate huge betters and specialist organizations group utilizing the digital currency for P2P content exchange.

So as to accomplish this, LigerCoin conveys disconnected live gaming thrill to a handheld gadget. The LigerCoin clients and token holders are permitted to put down wagers at live gambling club and take bargains without living their home. On account of the utilization of blockchain innovation, they can play on the web and disconnected gambling clubs while making the most of their home’s solace.
Obviously, LigerCoin, provide many advantages to its clients as the clients of LigerCoin will appreciate the interesting stacking system which implies there will be decency in each diversion played in on the web and disconnected clubhouse. It is the clients’ decision to play against or for the gambling club utilizing this one of a kind instrument. LigerCoin offers long-haul resource creation in the type of offline gambling clubs.

As far as clubhouse amusements, all clients will appreciate diversion with speed and awesome gaming knowledge through the specific Liger application. Speed implies the clients get winning tokens with no postponement. At the end of the day, all the exchange is done progressively. With regards to understanding, it will be brimming with fun and solace in light of the fact that the betters won’t need to leave their home.

Token Details
We should discuss the LigerCoin token. The cost of every token is 0.025 USD with add up to 2.7 billion tokens to be dispersed. The hard cap of the token will be 41,000000 and the soft cap is 4,000000. The Total tokens disseminated in the ICO are 75%.

Token Information

Token Name : LIC
Platform : Ethereum (ERC 20)
PreICO Price 1 LIC = 0.025 EUR
Payment Accepted : ETH, BTC
Minimum investment : 0.20 ETH
Soft cap : 4,000,000 EUR
Hard cap : 41,000,000 EUR


LIGER is here with better procedures, speedier exchanges, and brilliant reasoning. Its propelled security and anonymity capacities are prepared to win hearts and recreations.

LIGER is most appropriate for the necessities of web-based amusements and dream sports. Without delegates, it specifically interfaces merchants with clients and brings more business. That is the reason LIGER ought to be your decision for exchanging.



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