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LightBitAtom  is the first cryptocurreny exchange that offers the exchange of one cryptocurrency to another type of cryptocurrency using cross-chain atomic swaps and lighting networks without the need to trust a third party. Cryptocurrency has been renowned as one of the leading technologies in the financial sector today and with the success of this technology most of the financial sector began to adopt blockchain technology to smoothen their financial transactions. After bitcoin success, several other currencies enter the market and with their own blockchain and fill the gap between the complexity of other blockchain.
These days, many exchanges in the market offer trade facilities among cryptocurrencies but most of them are limited to a specific geographic area, because each country has their own rules for cryptocurrency. The platform is designed to meet the current market needs of all crypto traders and investors to overcome geographic barriers and the need to use fiat currencies to buy cryptocurrency.
Atom LightBit has an easy-to-use, powerful, and decentralized cryptocurrency exchange technology that enables P2P exchanges between one cryptocurrency and another cryptocurrency. It secures operations with digital money, and also secures the offline storage of users’ purses of various cryptocurrency funds while offering new users unique techniques to improve their skills. This is the main goal of a safe and secure trading system.
This exchange platform was created for the following reasons: Audit, Reliability, Security, Monitoring, Stabiltiy Finacial, Secure Off-platform Wallet, Payment Options and Cross-Chain Trading. Lightbit atomic exchange is accessible worldwide with instant support facilities.
The purpose of LightBit Atom Exchange is:
Ø Bring unique and innovative features in lightbitatom exchanges that hold cryptocurrency standards.
Ø Offer a unique platform for a large number of active cryptocurrency trading communities where they can exchange between various top rated crypto currencies with P2P systems.
Ø Monitor the performance of newly added coins so as to maintain the standard Lightbit atom exchange platform.
Ø Enables safe and secure transactions between multiple crypto currencies with low trading rates that allow teams to make unique selections among the cryptocurrency trading communities.
The main purpose of Lightbitatom is to satisfy customers and also remove all the cons of exchanges that exist around the world including entry and exit fees. The platform also has several innovation exchanges. These innovations include secure trading, secure wallets, offering user-friendly platforms, offering automated pilot trading, Offering a platform with no decentralized trust as well as referral platform.
Browser Wallet is a cold crypto currency purse. This is an extension for the browser. This secure storage of your crypto assets provides user identification capabilities for various websites and enables signature of blockchain transactions.
The Browser Wallet is a hassle free wallet that does not require downloading a blockchain history in its entirety. It supports all tokens used in this project. The main feature of the browser wallet is that it supports Lightning Network transactions. Another important attribute, the browser wallet is the ability to send information from one user to another peer-to peer (hash of private key).
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 What to do with an LBA token?
Membership: To gain access to the platform, members must have minimum LBA balance. A higher balance will provide access to premium service levels
Payment of fees: Trading fees may be paid by LBA, at discounted prices up to normal.
Priority Execution: The size of LBA member ownership will affect its implementation priority, resulting in faster execution and lower liquidity costs.
Trade discounts: Large LBA balances provide further discounts for trading costs.
How to make a profit
Use the “buy and hold” strategy for tokens
Sell ​​your token on the exchange after ICO
Lightbitatom Exchange is one of the innovative companies that will launch the first global decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that has facilities for countries. It will launch its ICO For crowd funding so as to give investors a unique opportunity to acquire shares held in the sale of Lightbitatom token exchange. The goal is to make this exchange the world’s top-ranked currency exchange with a connection to a large digital wallet system worldwide!
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