LikeCoin. Revolution likes! A weighty reward is a worthy assessment of creativity.

Problem There is no connection on the Internet between creativity of authors and worthy reward. Creative communities of freelancers and network journalists create a huge amount of high-quality materials, but they get only huskies, not material rewards for their work.
LikeCoin’s solution is a new embodiment of the likes, designed to be a significant reward for creativity. LikeCoin makes it possible to identify authorship and collaborative creative work. Thanks to a completely new “Like” button and a unique LikeRank algorithm, LikeCoin tracks all content publications and rewards its authors through an evaluation mechanism.

  LikeCoin, crypto-currency, based on ethereum, aims to facilitate the market for content created by users.
Instead of applause and “like”, users can reward people who publish creative content using the LikeCoin button.
It will be a paradigm shift in how copyright owners benefit from using their work.
This is more than just a new way of rewarding, but also a fundamental change in how we understand legal concepts such as ownership.

LikeCoin – closed platform, authors and readers must register to enter, registrants may be assigned or purchased them LikeCoin, used to reward favorite works, readers indicate «Like» for a certain number of coins, «Like» will be transformed into LikeCoin,
author of the project Internet entrepreneur Kin Ko, founder of the game developer Lakoo in 1999 with the support of Tencent and Sequoia Capital, now offers the introduction of blockchain technology and a crypto token called “LikeCoin”.
that the new digital currency is being created for IT workers, freelance photographers, artists, designers, civil journalists and others “to give them peace of mind from income so that they can focus on their high-quality work.”
LikeCoin allows content authors to monitor content and write data in a block chain for use by distributors. It supports various formats, including photographs, illustrations, videos and articles.
In LikeCoin ecosystem created on the basis of blockages, authors receive LikeCoin from users, promoting content further.

In addition, LikeCoin users can show their evaluation by clicking the LikeCoin button “Like” or by paying directly to the content creator a certain amount of LikeCoin from their own purse.
As LikeCoin’s technical document, LikeCoin’s token is a utility-based token based on Ethereum.
The total number of ToCoin tokens is limited to 2 billion, with a certain number of tokens being released daily.
LikeCoin launches the public sale of tokens in the second quarter of 2018, aiming to sell 600 million ToCoin tokens for 12,600 Ethereum from investors for $ 5.1 million.


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