Perform that Combines Education & Technology

LIKER WORLD is a block-based educational content platform.

This is accompanied by a policy of donations related to educational projects.

Innovation in future education through better technology oriented to society and humanity.

Based on the idea that all company activities must pursue social values,

LIKER has 3 main aspects: TRUST, GIFTS, and DONATION.

There are defects in the education system today throughout the world because only rich people are able to afford quality education. This is even the most evident in the world which has the least developed countries where education is only for a small proportion who can afford it. Inequality exists in our world, there is no doubt about it, but education intended to bridge the gap should not be what should be used to build bridges again. It is well noted that higher education is the most common solution to income and other forms of inequality.

LikerWorld Solutions

With 3 main aspects of TRUST, REWARD, and  DONATION  ,  LIKER WORLD  is a blocking-based educational content platform accompanied by a policy of donations related to educational projects. Innovation in future education through better technology-oriented people and humanity. Based on the idea that all company activities must pursue social values, Liker World will provide a platform to overcome defects in the current education system.

As a result, Likerworld will ensure the following:

  Regardless of race, region, wealth, you can study even though LIKER.

– Regardless of when and where you can study through LIKER.

– LIKER uses Big Data to provide content services.

– LIKER offers the latest learning content for your needs.

– All activities on LIKER are encrypted on a transparent and secure blockchain.

– Get customized, trained at LIKER.

Get rewards

– When you study

– Access to education is often limited by factors such as social class or wealth that are beyond our personal choice or control.

– The right to education must be the same as anyone.

– But what if someone wants to learn wherever they are and when they want to.

– LIKER creates an eco system that is right for education.

– LIKER opens equal opportunities for anyone who wants to learn.

– All participants in the LIKER platform will be rewarded in the blockchain economy.

LIKER will use the blockchain, known for its transparency and efficiency. Through a trust-based authentication system, platform educators interact with each other to create an educational ecosystem. Their education-related transactions and activities are compensated in accordance with the token economy, which in turn leads to the contribution of education. This creates a good cycle structure that brings more educational benefits to blind spots. This is a mission for all of us, a challenge for us, and the beginning for education reform. Blockchain will make many efforts in accordance with the stage of technology development among many problems. First of all, we want to reach educational users through fair and transparent authentication and compensation through the blockchain.


Economic Token, the Liker World economic ecosystem, consists of 2 types of cryptography: Liker Coin and Liker Gas (eLK). Liker Coin is the main-clean Coin that trades through existing cryptographic exchanges and is the key to building the value of Liker World. Gas Liker is charged with Liker Coin from Liker Gas Station. Liker Gas maintains a fixed price and acts as a gas to operate the Liker Education Platform.

Invest in Education, invest in the future. Your investment in LikerCoin will not only be a profitable investment for you but also a statement that you make for investment in future generations and our world will thank you for that forever. Very few projects balance profitability with community development. Be part of the project for the future.

Detail TokenSale

Pre-sale start: 20 Nov 2018 (0900 GMT)

Final Pre-sale: 19 Dec 2018 (0900 GMT)

Main Sales Beginning: December 20, 2018 (0900 GMT)


Pre-sales: 20%

Main-sales: 10%

Exchange rate tokens

1 ETH = 7,000 LK

Minimum transaction amount of

0.015 ETH

Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH

Soft Cap: 5,000 ETH



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