Lina Bounty is the platform to confirm Blockchain, which make use of the stringent and uncompromised characteristics of blockchain to engender the best possible transparency and engender conditions for reviewers to benefit from providing quality reviews, as well as interacting facilely and directly with users and suppliers of products or consummately insecure accommodations. Lina is not just a website but a platform predicated on Blockchain so that everyone can build their own review system to develop communities and manage their own businesses. All review channels predicated on Lina are connected ecumenical. Let us visit the project website here:


The Advantages of

The results of the Review and Qualification are consummately transparent for the users and all can verify them.
It can not be manipulated
The evaluation and relegation score is decentralized, so it can not be falsified or manipulated by any third party.
Concrete criteria has introduced a set of criteria applied to more than 20 fields ranging from technological products to medical accommodations.
Monetization faculty
Reviewers and auxiliaries (experts) can earn Lina symbology predicated on the quality of their contribution, judging by the community.
Hybrid Architecture
Presents a hybrid architecture approach, a bridge between the public chain of Ethereum (mainnet) and a high performance, scalability of the private side blockchain transaction accommodations.
Network of immensely colossal auxiliaries
We have built a sizably voluminous community of professionals in expansion around the world. Everyone is welcome to join us at
The Token LINA
The Token Lina (LINA) is the native symbol of the Lina Platform. It will be an ERC-20 token predicated on Ethereum, a decentralized platform predicated on blockchain for applications that work precisely as programmed without any possibility of fraud, censorship or interference from third parties to facilitate contractual accedences online in a cryptographically secure manner.

The total number of engendered LINA tokens will be 900,000,000. 33.33% of all LINA tokens (300,000,000) will be available for sale to the public in the Token Generation LINA event. 66.67% of all LINA tokens (600,000,000) will be closed in Astute Contract to be launched annually for 10 years (60,000,000 Token per year).

Token Assignment
33.33% of LINA engendered during the Token Generation Event (300,000,000 Token) will be assigned to the Public Tax payers that contribute BTC / ETH to the project

The 66.67% of LINA engendered during the Token Generation Event (600,000,000 Token) will be closed in Astute Contract to be launched annually for 10 years (60,000,000 Tokens per year). The relinquished token will be distributed as follows:

15% to the Lina Substructure to keep the Lina Platform operational.
15% will be reserved for future fascinated parties.
35% to the Auxiliaries.
35% to Astronomically immense Token Holders (those in possession of > 1 million tokens).

Budget allocation

The fund contributed by Public Taxpayers (in the form of BTC / ETH) in the Token Generation Event will be used only for the development of the Lina Platform:
LINA Development:
48% of the project budget will be dedicated to the
development of the Lina Platform. This includes both the Lina Core Blockchain
and the review accommodation application.
Marketing: 17% of the project’s budget. This will cover community building events,
as well as reaching the general public to expand cognizance and adoption of the Lina
Operations: 10% of the project budget. This will be utilized for day-to-day
Licit consulting: 10% of the project budget. This will ascertain that
can be utilized in accordance with local market regulations.
Avail network: 10% of the project budget will be acclimated to build the
Network Assistant for Lina’s review.
Error bonuses: 5% of the project budget will be acclimated to pay Bug Bounties.
The bridge of Lina

The Lina Bridge is a sidechain bridge accommodation for the Lina Core blockchain network to synchronize offers, payment transactions and interact with the LINA Token keenly intellective contract in the Ethereum public network. The tokens between the private chain platform and the Ethereum blockchain could be dynamically interchangeable. As such, the ETH astute contract balance (Token LINA) could be identically tantamount to the liquidity of the tokens within the private chain. Blocking mechanisms in astute contracts should be implemented to ascertain consistency of balance in users’ wallets between public and private platforms.

Road Map Lina.Review

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