In an industrialist economy, where most organizations are exclusive, organizations are framed to pick up benefit and increment the thriving of their proprietors. Entrepreneurs and administrators get rewards as indicated by the time, exertion, or capital they give.

Arranging is a standout amongst the most essential parts when maintaining a business. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a multinational business that is making arrangements for development, or an independent venture that is attempting to dispatch an energizing new item.

It’s anything but difficult to begin an undertaking, yet without watchful arranging it resembles strolling to an interesting spot without a guide. At last you will presumably accomplish that objective, however don’t be astounded if in the way you get lost.

Numerous entrepreneurs disregard an arrangement, particularly on the off chance that you are the main individual in the organization. The reason is exceptionally basic, the arranging procedure can take time,writing a strategy for success will likewise enable you to think more systematically than any time in recent memory about the business and your part in it.

And any planning should be supported by the technology of blockchain, which can monitor, and help the movement of business in the market, so the company can easily develop its production as expected. The blockchain technology in question is “”

About Lina.Review is the platform for reviewing on Blockchain, utilizing blockchain’s immutability to produce the best possible transparency and creating conditions for reviewers to benefit from providing quality reviews, as well as easily and directly interact with users and providers of products or services totally trustless.

Lina is not just a website but it is a Blockchain-based platform so that everyone can build their own review system to develop community and manage their own businesses. All Lina-based review channels are globally connected.


What makes special?

  • Transparency: Provides Transparent Review and Assessment Results that are transparent and in line with the reality for users and everyone can verify it.
  • Can not be manipulated with blockchain technology Values and scores are decentralized so they can not be forged or manipulated by any third party.
  • Criteria: has introduced a set of criteria applied to over 20 areas ranging from technology products to medical services.
  • Getting the Ability of the Viewer and Assistant (Expert) can obtain Lina tokens based on the quality of their contribution, which is assessed by the public.
  • Hybrid Architecture: being the bridge between the public etereum chain (mainnet) and the excellent transactional blockchain private scalable service using the hybrid architecture approach, 
  • Great Assistant Networks of a vast and growing professional community around the world. Everyone is welcome to join lina at



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