Lipchain – Decentralized Ecosystem For Global Surfers Comuunity


Decentralized ecosystem that provides surfers with sponsors, competitions and informal learning environments all year round. 60 million surfers from around the world can earn tokens by managing their favorite sport and placing videos and photos in the LipChain application. Can make champions faster and at the same time help clear the oceans.
LipChain plans to build an indoor pool to prepare year-round training followed by Eco-Resort Island.

Lipchain ​​App provides access to the global content and community of sailboats and useful tools for sponsorship.
Lipchain ​​provides a 5% income for cleaning the sea and beaches.
The first Lipwave Pool center will be built in Portugal, and the transparent viping Community Lipchain ​​community will be chosen in the second place.
They will also work in an ecological resort built around these centers. They are funded from outside Lipchain, but are integrated into the Lipchain ​​project on the use of marking lips.

• Lack of funds for beginners to enter professional level. After all, surfers must practice at least 8 years and spend the same time more than 3000 euros per year.
• There is no place for training and training.
• Complexity in access to prestigious international championships due to lack of funds.
• There are no special channels for advertisers. Manufacturers of surfing and sailing equipment compete to attract the attention of their audience.
• Ecological problems. Beach and contaminated water and lack of government attention to this problem.

• This application contains videos and photos of athletes to increase popularity.
• Train athletes in artificial ponds with waves for training throughout the year.
• Communities can choose their offer, even without taking part in various championships.

Lipchain Wallet
The LIPCHAIN wallet allows customers to experience high level of user interface, which means this wallet experience will be completely different from any other available wallets. It is a highly secured wallet embodied with all Ethereum wallet security features. It will also support functionalities such as :

• Transferability: users can send and receive Lipschain tokens (LIPS) to/from any valid Ethereum wallet.
• No Charge: No Ethereum will be charged during the transfer of LIPS, only transaction fee (gas) will be required.
• Transparency: This functionality enables users to check the status of their transactions over the Ethereum wallet.
• Ease of use: The LIPCHAIN wallet has a user-friendly interface

Wallet Security
In order to ensure maximum security and control, The LIPCHAIN team has decided to develop a Multimodal biometric authentication which will be used in the wallet and App. Features of multimodal biometrics includes:
• Face Recognition
• Iris Recognition
• Fingerprint Recognition
• Gait
• Voice Recognition
• Signature Recognition

Lipchain Token
LIPS Token is means of payment and will be used for prizes and sponsors on the LIPCHAIN ​​platform. The owner of the token will receive a discount for internal surfing resorts and other platform services. A great advantage is also the lack of costs for implementing transactions using tokens in the platform.

Tokens: LIPS
Token Type: ERC20
Token Released : 1,000,000,000
Soft Cap: $ 3,000,000.
Token Price: $ 0.1
Hard Cap: $ 20,000,000.
Tokens for sale: 210,000,000
Sales Dates: 03/21/2018 – 11/15/2018
Minimum purchase: $ 50
When you purchase $ 1000, the bonus is 5%.
When you buy from $ 5,000, a $ 10 bonus.
Stage 1 – 21,03,2018-30,04,2018. Bonus 15%
Stage 2 – 01,05,2018-31,07,2018 Bonus 15%
Stage 3 – 01,08,2018-14,09,2018. Bonus 10%
Stage 4 – 15.09,2018-14,10,2018 Bonus 5%
Stage 5 – 15,10,2018-15,11, 2018 Bonus 0%

• 15/11/2016: Creation of a digital coin (LIPCHAIN).
• 26/02/2017: Dissemination of the concept with several national surfers.
• 16/04/2017: Encrypted currency development.
• 05/11/2017: Preparation and creation of ICO for the implementation of the project.
• 14/01/2018: Launch of LIPCHAIN in the market through ICO.
• 25/02/2018: To buy a boat and to create the sailing team to beat the world record.
• 22/04/2018: To develop the sponsorship for regatta and sailing team.
• 16/07/2018: Attempt to beat the 10 years old world record sailing from Lisbon.
• 10/09/2018: Launch of the APP Captivation of all outsiders.
• 07/10/2018: Communication, advertising, marketing and promotion of LIPCHAIN.


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