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Are you a residents or citizen of Portugal and its ecosystem, do you know that surfing is an important national sport in Portugal and increasingly popular all around the world. This sports is surfers with a lack of locations and seasons with good waves, and the second problem is money for training. It’s a vicious circle, where one needs to invest a minimum of a huge amount of money and then budget for further minimum spend of money for month and further investment is a better equipment to progress skill. I have a great news for you, there exists a new platform that create an app for surfers and sailors to post their videos and photos and in turns earn tokens. This platform is known as LIPCHAIN. To all problems refers above Happily LIPCHAIN has the solutions.
What LIPCHAIN is all about?
Lip chain is a platform that will create a decentralized social network dedicated to surfing which will allow users to be paid for the content, they will publish on the app through a sponsoring system secured via smart contract. Lip chain App, relatives will be able to create pictures and videos and earn money that can be shared with the filmed athlete. Their app will also allow the organization for video contests which will pave way for reward for the best surfer. Apparently, this will bring public recognition to many more athletes than official championships do. At the long run, in the future those public celebrity will be able to earn special rewards tied to Lip wave resort and ecological surfing equipment.
This platform will also build the lip wave pool center which will offer year around Olympic training conditions. Where at least 100 athletes will surf each single hour by generating a wave every six to eight seconds for an hourly fee. They will also enhance environmentally friendly between the surfers and sailors by developing partnerships with surfboard producers to develop ecological surfboards. Finally they will allocate some of the percentage in the app advertisement to charity foundation related to the cleaning of oceans and beaches.
This is an example of ICO that has successfully raised funds,

Ethereum is a blockchain implementation with smartcontract features. ethereum is Open source, many apps blockchain created based on framework ethereum. Earn $ 18 million when ICO. Ethereum introduces the DAO of a distributed autonomous organization that will act as a decision maker on projects related to ethereum. DAO is a formless organization. Its members are those who give the first token ether when ICO is launched.
Iconomi:, earn $ 10, 6 million.
Open Fund Management, following the uber concept in the fund management industry, is located in the unknown town of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Iconomy service users can manage digital assets in one platform: Digital managed assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, MaidSafeCoin, NEM.When a conventional fund management company manages stock, property, and foreign currency assets managed by humans, the digital version is left to the rule / algortima in the form of blockcain-based smartcontract. If I buy 1 BTC at the price of $ 800, then I can instruct to remove 1 BTC when the price in the position of $ 1,000 through apps that stuck to the smartcontract. The process will run automatically, without brokers and stockbrokers.
Golem Network:
Decentralize sharing Computing Power, earn $ 8 million within 30 minutes. Golem idea is a computer rental place to help with heavy duty tasks such as rendering, calculating, mining, machine learning, cryptograhy, analytic data and so on. If you have a server with available 5% you can rent for the needy. Great idea, and this platform uses ethereum.
The details of the ICO

The LIPS token is a utility token that acts as a means of payment and will be used to reward and sponsor on the LIPCHAIN platform. The owners of the token will receive discounts on inner surf resorts and other services platform. A big advantage is also considered to be the absence of fees for transactions using tokens within the platform.

Token symbol: LIPS

The token type: ERC20

Total tokens issued: 1,000,000,000

Soft Cap: 3 000 000 $.

Tokens for sale: 210 000 000

Hard Cap: $20 000 000.

Stage 1 – 21,03,2018-30,04,2018. Bonus 15%
Stage 2-01,05,2018-31,07,2018 bonus 15%
Stage 3 – 01,08,2018-14,09,2018. Bonus 10%
Stage 4-15,09,2018-14,10,2018 bonus 5%
Stage 5-15,10,2018-15,11,,2018 Bonus 0
The cost is: 0,1 $

Minimum purchase:$50

When you purchase a$ 1,000 a 5% bonus. And when you buy from $ 5000 bonus$10.
Lipchain Roadmap:
[x] 15.11.2016 – Сreation of a digital coin (LIPCHAIN).
[x] 26.02.2017 – Dissemination of the concept with several national surfers.
[x] 16.04.2017 – Encrypted currency development.
[x] 05.11.2017 – Preparation and creation of ICO for the implementation of the project.
[x] 14.01.2018 – Launch of LIPCHAIN in the market through ICO.
[x] 25.02.2018 – To buy a boat and to create the sailing team to beat the world record.
[x] 22.04.2018 – To develop the sponsorship for regatta and sailing team.
[ ] 16.07.2018 – Attempt to beat the 10 years old world record sailing from Lisbon.
[ ] 10.09.2018 – Launch of the APP Captivation of all outsiders.
[ ] 07.10.2018 – Communication, advertising, marketing and promotion of LIPCHAIN.
Amazingly, Lipchain Developers have completed 7 of 10 Roadmap. This is what makes ICO Lipchain compulsory to follow.

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