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It is very convenient to have your community on the Internet and be able to find in one place advice, necessary information, products and much more, related to your interests. Although surfing is not such a common sport as others, there are 60 million surfers around the world, and this number increases by 12-15% per year, according to statistics. Surfing is an important national sport in Portugal and is increasingly popular all over the world. This is the sport of surfers with a lack of locations and seasons with good waves, and the second problem is the money for training. This is a vicious circle where you need to invest a minimum of a huge amount of money, and then the budget for further minimal spending of money for a month and further investment is the best way to progress in skill. But there is a new platform, which creates an application for surfers to post their videos and photos and earn on it. This platform is known as LIPCHAIN.

In our day, sport is getting popular. The active promotion of a healthy lifestyle gives fruit and more and more young people go to the gym to keep their body and body in great shape. However, some of them do not want to be constantly in an airless room, but prefer outdoor activities. Therefore, the popularity of sports such as surf began to grow. However, unfortunately, it is rather difficult to find a place where you can engage in this sport. The LipChain app allows surfers and seafarers from around the world to publish their photos and videos and earn money by practicing their favorite sports. Lipchain is a decentralized landscape that provides sponsors for surfers, unofficial contests and learning environments throughout the year.

Members of apps that publish their content may earn revenue in the following ways:

1) receive prize according to the number of views

2) receive remuneration other than the sponsor.

The project team will be able to unite the global surfing community in a decentralized ecosystem. This will help athletes find sponsors, participate in competitions and improve their skills.


LIPCHAIN ​​is a platform that will create a decentralized social network for surfing. It will allow users to pay for content that they will publish in the application through a sponsorship system protected by Smart Contracts. Thanks to the application Lipchain, there will be an opportunity to create photos and videos and make money from it. Their application will also allow organizing video contests that will pave the way for a reward for the best surfer. Apparently, this will bring public recognition to a much larger number of athletes than official championships. In the long term in the future, these public celebrities will be able to earn special rewards tied to the Lip Wave resort and environmental surf equipment.

The Role of LIPCHAIN

-LIPCHAIN ​​will allow surfers to communicate with each other, post their photos, videos and other information and seek the sponsor of their videos with a convenient application.

-Placed videos can be sent to the vote and can take prizes every month, bringing surfers extra income.

-A very high degree of security will be provided for all users, which will consist of biometric authentication. The absence of commissions for LIPS transactions and commissions for other currencies and transparency ensures that the application is properly executed.

Problems in the industry:

The lack of financial resources for aspiring athletes to reach the professional level. After all, the surfer must train at least 8 years and more than 3000 euros per year.

The lack of places to learn and workout.

The difficulty of access to international prestigious championships for lack of funding.

The lack of dedicated channels for advertisers. Manufacturers of equipment for surfing and sailing compete for the attention of their audience.

The environmental problem. Dirty beaches and water and the government’s lack of interest in this problem.

To solve these problems, the project team developed the following conditions:

The app downloads videos and photos of athletes for its growing popularity.

Training of athletes in artificial wave pools for year-round training.

The community can choose its champion and even participate in various championships.

LIPCHAIN APP provides access to global content and the sailing community and useful sponsorship tools

LIPCHAIN provides 5% of the revenue for the cleaning of the sea and the beaches.

The first Center LIPWAVE Pool will be built in Portugal, and in second place the transparent Voting Community LIPCHAIN ​​will be decided.

They will also work in the ecological resort built around these centers. They are funded externally by LipChain , but integrated into the LIPCHAIN project on the use of marking lips.

LIPCHAIN ​​allocates 5% of revenues to clean the ocean and coast.

To help athletes engage in surfing, even when there is no such possibility, it is planned to build LIPWAVE Pool Centers, which will offer Olympic training conditions throughout the year. These centers will allow 100 athletes to travel, creating waves every 6-8 seconds of an hourly charge of 20 €. This means that each LIPWAVE Pool Center can generate the ideal wave for more than 1,000 surfers per day. The first LIPWAVE Center will be built in Portugal, and the second venue will be decided by a transparent vote from the LIPCHAIN ​​community. Also in the plan is the creation of an ecological resort around the center.

Details of ICO

LIPS Token is a token that acts as a payment medium and will be used for prizes and sponsors on the LIPCHAIN ​​platform. The token owner will receive a discount for internal surfing resorts and other platform services. The big advantage is also the lack of cost for implementing transactions using tokens in the platform.

Token Token: LIPS

Token type: ERC20

The token is actually released: 1,000,000,000

Soft Cap: $ 3,000,000.

Tokens for sale: 210 000 000

Hard Cap: $ 20,000,000.

Stage 1 – 21,03,2018-30,04,2018. Bonus 15%

Stage 2 – 01,05,2018-31,07,2018 Bonus 15%

Stage 3 – 01,08,2018-14,09,2018. Bonus 10%

Stage 4 – 15.09,2018-14,10,2018 Bonus 5%

Stage 5 – 15,10,2018-15,11 ,, 2018 Bonus 0 The fee

is: $ 0.1

Minimum purchase: 50 $

With purchase of $ 1000, bonus 5%. And when you buy from $ 5000, $ 10 bonus.

Token Distribution:

I’ll show you the team. You should get to know them

Look at the token LipChain

Character Token: LIPS

The token type: ERC20

Only released tokens: 1,000,000,000

Soft Cap: $ 3,000,000.

Tokens for sale: 210,000,000

Hard Cap: $ 20,000,000.

Stage 1-21.032018-30.042018. 15% bonus

Level 2-01,05,2018-31,07,2018 15% bonus

Stage 3-01,08,2018-14,09,2018. 10% bonus

Stage 4-15,09,2018-14,10,2018 Bonus 5%

Stage 5-15,10,2018-15,11 ,, 2018 Bonus 0

The price is $ 0.1

Finally, what I can say is the tremendous potential of this company. All-round ICO is very striking. This is a great open road to enter the ICO world.

If you know how to improve our community.

If you know how to spread information about us in this world.

If you have any ideas for other improvements, it is a privilege

If you all participate in our bounty.

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