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Dynamic lifestyle is exceptionally well known these days. For some, this isn’t only a pastime, however an every day custom. Begin your day with contemplation and surfing rather than espresso can not but rather celebrate. What’s more, consistently the pattern is picking up force in numerous nations. Surfing is one of the most loved games in Portugal, USA, Australia, Indonesia and Mexico.

The most popular place in the USA is Hawaii. They say that it was here that surfing was conceived in the shape in which we know it. As anyone might expect, in Hawaii, perfect conditions for skiing. He even enters the program for schoolchildren. Around the globe, around 60 million surfers, whose market by humble measures can be assessed from 70 to 130 billion US dollars, which are spent each year on your most loved game, pastimes and way of life.
In any case, tragically, in this circle there are not kidding issues:
The absence of reasonable spots to enhance the aptitudes of surfing.
One of the issues for surfers is that there are not very many spots for surfing, and these spots are not generally portrayed by positive and safe conditions for human life. Regularly need to search for areas and invest a considerable measure of energy and cash on it. It’s particularly hard to take in a tenderfoot. At last, the surfer will require from 6 to 8 years, when he turns into an expert surfer.
Cost of instruction
Presently its a well known fact that keeping in mind the end goal to end up a specific surfer, a man must have somewhere around 800 euros and this sum without considering the month to month expenses of the best gear, which will empower the surfer to enhance his ability level. Along these lines, numerous skilled kids need to surrender this game.
Biological issues.
Contaminated water and shorelines, absence of want to direct the ecological foundation at the state level.
Absence of commendable rivalries and titles because of constrained financing of the circle.
With a specific end goal to take care of the above issues, the LIPCHAIN ​​team discovered arrangements:
The group will dispatch the application, where you can download recordings and photographs of surfers for the advancement of the circle.
5% of pay will be spent on purifying the ocean and adjacent shorelines.
Preparing competitors in pool pools with waves for preparing lasting through the year.
The Lipchein application will give a chance to enter the general public to vast promoters and patrons, which will give critical money related assets for the advancement of the business.
To enhance the states of the competitors are intending to fabricate LIPWAVE Pool Centers, which will offer commendable preparing conditions amid the year. Such focuses will give the chance to prepare 100 competitors at any given moment. Waves in a piece mold will be created each 6-8 seconds for a generally worthy charge of 20 euros/hour. Along these lines, perfect conditions for in excess of 1000 surfers for each day will be made. The principal LIPWAVE focus is wanted to be built in Portugal, which is the Mecca for every one of the surfers of Europe.
LIPCHAIN ​​is a decentralized biological system that takes care of the previously mentioned issues, and also giving supporters, sponsorships, and every day preparing for surfers. LIPCHAIN ​​will work with makers of surfboards to make naturally benevolent items.
LIPS – the token of the token going about as an installment instrument, will be utilized for fulfilling and supporting in the LIPCHEEN biological system.
Token designation: LIPS
Type:============ ERC 20
Total issue:===== 1,000,000,000 tokens
For sale:======== 210 million tokens
ICO Day:========= April 21-October 15, 2018
Soft Cap:======== $ 3,000,000
Hard cap: =======$ 20,000,000
This task has a cool thought, an expert group and a capable arrangement for the improvement of the undertaking. It is the mix of every one of these components that gives us motivation to trust that this stage will succeed.
There are much more to be benefited from #lipchain #ventures, please use the trusted sites below to get connected to the team members including how to purchase your tokens and Roadmap, don’t worry just click any of the links for full verification and doubt free:

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