Greetings to you all readers, in this article i will be discussing what exactly this brand new and pathfinding innovation(LIQUID TRADE) is all about and i will appreciate your standing by till the end.

Thanks to the world of technology mixed with the innovation of this company making it possible for the success of this platform and standing it out in the wild of Cryptocurrency with its exceptional cutting edge effort, as a corner stone and swift transformation to evolve.
Karatcoin evolve and champion in The pool of cryptocurrency.

Liquid Trade intends to provide online fundraising opportunities around the globe for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) via the platform. We will target PR efforts to sustainable businesses in “emerging” economies in Asia, Latin America and Africa, as well as established markets in Europe. By offering multiple methods for raising capital, we hope to find a fit for most businesses and organizations, looking for either donors or investors and offering either rewards or securities. We intend to help grow local economies by assisting new business owners to get necessary funding for their startups, as well as provide advanced tools for more mature SMEs, and new investment opportunities for investors looking for private equity pricing on our LiquidTrade Marketplace.

Online crowdfunding has been around since 2008 with early pioneers  Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Both are still centralized databases and pay-per-use pricing models. In this model, “rewards” or “perks” are shipped or given out to donors based on certain dollar levels of contribution, and this is the lure for donors to contribute. Problems have arisen with rewards crowdfunding over the years, primarily with the fulfillment of rewards or “perks.” In many cases, just by the nature of being a small startup company looking for funding, there is no capacity to be able to handle fulfillment and shipping of a large number of rewards to a multitude of donors. There have been many cases of non-fulfillment, or delayed fulfillment.

LiquidTrade addresses this issue by offering the option for Fundraisers, “pay it forward” tokens, with no shipping required and immediate value, which are represented by unique tokens chosen as “Rewards Tokens.” Based on levels of contribution, donors will receive increasing value in tokens, and these can be applied immediately to another campaign, actually offering the donor an opportunity to double down on their contribution, by finding a second target and applying it at no cost to themselves. Or they can simply hang on to the token/s and track increases in value on the coin exchanges.

Stage 2:  Securities crowdfunding for mature SMEs:
Online equity crowdfunding, especially in the United States, is frought with never-ending red tape due to securities regulations. Other countries also have heavy regulations, and this is a serious pain point for crowdfunding, since all the cures are done manually offline, slowing the process for an online portal and creating a headache for Issuers and Investors.

LiquidTrade addresses this issue by offering the option for Issuers to submit their securities offerings as tokens, thereby bypassing the need for overwhelming digital paperwork. Additionally, we have taken the position of being a “regulation agnostic” platform. All necessary tools are provided within our software to conduct a compliant capital raise, however the tools do not favor any region. We are NOT a licensed brokerage operating within any specific country’s borders, and we, therefore, do not participate in deriving any revenue as commission from capital raised. Our ONLY function is as an online technology source for Issuers, Compliance Officers and Investors to gather and communicate directly with each other to accomplish their capital raising requirements.

How it works:

Stage 3:  Aftermarket liquidity for investors:

Most crowdfunding investors no longer want to take risk without the liquidity option.

Our global LiquidTrade Marketplace operates on the blockchain and allows investors to “off-load” private securities purchased within the Primary Market and post them to investors on a secondary market “exchange” platform, inside and outside the Primary Market. Potential investors may access from both the Primary Market pool, or via online invitation and direct registration to this market only.

How will work:

Existing investors from the primary market platform will use their existing login credentials to access the secondary LiquidTrade Marketplace directly from their account dashboard. If their goal is to sell an existing asset, they will be able to initiate directly from the investment section in their account portfolio, purchase required LIQUID token/s for chess to the secondary market, then attach an “Ask” price, time period, and get started. Additionally, traders from around the globe who are not concurrent investors on the primary market platform, can create a new account for trading securities on the Marketplace. LIQUID token charges will apply toward a fixed time period membership and traders are allowed to Buy or Sell assets.

Stage 4:  Node Partners:

Some issuing businesses have larger requirements than simply “one-off” capital raising, e.g. real estate firms with a backlog of properties to “offload.”

For businesses that already have substantial deal flow and an investor pool in a corresponding region, we offer partnerships, which grants a Primary Market user license to the entity to build and operate their own crowdfunding portal as a member on the Liquid Blockchain, and using the Liquid software ecosystem. Full access is given to partners for their own UI/design departments to make changes to their node’s UX to mirror their corporate existing sites, and create links between the two. Partnerships include after market access to the LiquidTrade Marketplace globally, to offer offloading to their investors. Node Partners will be charged an annual licensing fee, in addition to LIQUID charges for token use in operations.



  • oken Name = LIQUID
  • Token Price = 1 LIQUID = $1.40 USD
  • Total tokens = 58,000,000
  • CrowdSale Stage I starts September 4th 2018 – 7 days – Discount = 60%
  • CrowdSale Stage II starts September 10th 2018 – 15 days -Discount = 50%
  • CrowdSale Stage III starts September 25th 2018 – 20 days – Discount = 30%
  • CrowdSale ends October 14th 2018
  • Minimum Purchase = $280
  • SoftCap = 2,000,000 (Project may take longer, if not reached)
  • HardCap = 40,000,000
  • MVP/Prototype Available = YES
  • KYC/Whitelist = YES
  • Country = Belize
  • Restricted = USA, China
  • Additional Sanctioned = VE, SO, YE, MM, IR, KP
  • Platform = Ethereum
  • Accepting = ETH

All LIQUID tokens that go unsold will be burned. Tokens are transferred to the user’s personal account, and will be distributed after the CrowdSale has concluded.

Technical Team

A seasoned engineering team with 9 years of experience as a market leader in crowdfunding and blockchain.

Greg Gombert

CEO, Founder

20 years IT management, web development, search marketing and management; including Founder and CEO of CrowdForce LLC; Crowdfunding visionary, entrepreneur and software architect; MBA coursework Nonprofit Policy/Fundraising; Ph.D coursework Instructional Technology; IBM Blockchain and Machine Apps Certification.

Pramod Kumar Buravalli

COO, Co-Founder

Founder of YA Consulting Group Inc and CoFounder of Crowdforce; 18 years experience in Technology Consulting, ERP/CRM/ECM Implementations, Blockchain Product Development and Marketing Strategy;  led country operations and held senior positions at ITTI Inc, Venusgeo, TechRP (Presently Latitude36) and Softpath Systems; MSc. in Technology Management U. of Texas.

Vamshidhar Madas


Full stack developer has built systems for loan management, gaming, deploying socket-based listening servers. Expert in crowdfunding stack design and implementation. Certified: Blockchain, IBM apps, Cybersecurity. Currently developing in ASP.NET, SQL, Ethereum, Postchain, and HyperLedger Fabric.  MSc Computer Science Bankatlal Badruka College.

Suman Dara

Lead Architect

7 years developing Data Access applications using ADO.NET and Databases like MYSQL and SQL Server 2005,2008 and 2008R2;.NET, C#, VB.NET, IIS, XML, HTML 5,AJAX, ADO.NET; Angular JS, AJAX, JavaScript and Jquery; Certified Blockchain technology Solidity, Ethereum(ICO), Hyperledger and Multichain. MCA Computer Applications AU University, Kakinada.

Pradeep Baddapuri

UI Developer

Extensive experience with HTML web Internet and Intranet applications using HTML5, XHTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop, jQuery, Content Management Systems (Word press, Drupal), W3C and usability standards, responsive websites and cross-browser testing across various devices desktop, mobile and tablets. MSc Computer Appications, Osmania University.

Melissa Geiger

Marketing Strategist, M

Based in New York, Melissa has a background in sales and marketing from Syracuse University. Previous work experience includes sales for Young America Consulting Group as well as video and marketing work for the SyteLine User Network Group.

August 3rd 2018

Website online & Project announcement

August 6th 2018

Whitepaper release

September 4th 2018

CrowdSale starts

October 14th 2018

CrowdSale ends

November 15th 2018

MVP release

December 31st 2018

MRP site launched

Q1 2019

Licensee partnerships

Q1 2019

Mobile app development

Q2 2019

Global business development

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