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The organization of any wedding event, even the most budget, requires the involvement of many professionals. How to choose the best, and most importantly reliable? How to do everything when the time at X hours every day less and less? These and many other questions are relevant for future newlyweds.
A wedding agency can solve almost all organizational tasks. This is due to the relevance of such a business. To organize a wedding celebration in any city of our country and even outside its borders offers a lot of serious companies and individuals. But for the most part they are engaged in the simultaneous organization of a wide variety of events, and such companies are not the main competitors of the proposed business.
Listereum is an automated service for organizing a wedding. We exclude all intermediaries between the client and the people who will be directly involved, each in his own business: restaurants, musicians, florists, etc.
The project audience is men and women of marriageable age. Their financial situation does not matter, because the business plan involves services within any budget of the event. This may be a modest wedding in a cafe for 20 people, without live music, fireworks and other specialties. Or maybe a wedding in a posh restaurant, with a media face as a host and a wedding procession consisting exclusively of limousines.
Wedding Agency – one of the most profitable and promising areas of activity.
On average, the wedding today is spent from 10 thousand to 50 thousand dollars. According to official statistics, about 170 million marriages occur annually in the world.
These data tell us that the organization of weddings is a very profitable and promising business.Therefore, even if there are serious competitors in the market, and if the business is properly organized, making profits is inevitable.
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Description of the Lystereum
The most successful option for competent detuning from competitors will be the offer of a full cycle of wedding services. From beautiful invitations to a romantic honeymoon after the holiday.
Lisrateum is ready to satisfy any client request:
To help customers figure out the date of the celebration. For many people, it is important that the wedding date does not fall out on a religious holiday or fasting, and someone wants to save money and chooses the day in the “off-season”. Someone dreams of a fabulous winter or yellow autumn wedding.
Help make a guest list. Tell them about the date through social networks. With the help of a convenient service, create beautiful invitations and send them to all guests.
Organize field registration. Choose a suitable place for this. Standard registration in the registry office today is often replaced by exit.
Help me choose a restaurant and menu for a wedding party. Particular attention is paid to the choice of size and design of the wedding cake, its preparation and delivery to the banquet.
Offer and help the client decide on the style, color (combination of colors) of the whole event. It will be a pirate, biker or wedding in Japanese or Hawaiian style. Or maybe just a wedding in one color or a combination of colors.
Professionally we will arrange a banquet hall, a place of registration, cars in the uniform style chosen by the customer.
To pick up and create an image of the newlyweds and guests. In accordance with the choice of style or color of the wedding, agency staff help determine the image of the newlyweds: the bride and groom outfits (buying ready-made, custom-made), and if necessary, guests are also provided with clothes. In addition, masters who will make hair, makeup, manicure and other cosmetic procedures for the bride, caring for the groom.
Arrange all necessary transportation for the event. Lease of the main car for the bride and groom, other cars for the wedding procession, the provision of moto escorts, bus for the evening delivery of guests.
Organize the most fun wedding banquet. Scripting. Selection of a leading sound engineer, artists.Discussion of preferences for dance and music breaks.
Provide the client with a professional choreographer for the first dance of the young.
Choose a photographer and videographer. Discussion of wishes for a wedding photo shoot.Selection of props. Creating a website for the newlyweds, wedding photo album or slide show.
Provide the necessary services of florists. The original bridal bouquet, boutonniere, decoration with fresh flowers, a room for decoration, a room for a banquet, cars.
Spend a bachelor party and a bachelorette party.
To organize fireworks as the final stage of the evening.
Book a hotel room if the newlyweds want to spend the first wedding night in the hotel.
Organize a honeymoon with your own convenient service for booking tours.
Rough calculations.
Take the approximate average value of the lowest cost per wedding at 10,000 dollars. 
Take the average cost of marriages that celebrate this day around the world for a year (10 million marriages) and multiply by the average price. 
$ 10 million * $ 10,000 = $ 100 billion
We received a figure of 100 billion dollars – the average amount that people spend per year on weddings around the world. 
In other words, the wedding services market in the world costs $ 100 billion.
Suppose that our service occupies only 1% of the total world market. 
Get 1 billion dollars. Accept the gross percentage that our service earns – 5%.
We get 50 million dollars a year.
Now divide by the number of tokens. 
A list of 50 million dollars / 3.1 million, it turns out 1 list = 16.1 dollars
This is only 1 percent of the total global market.
Wedding Tour Service
Today, there is an interesting trend in the traditional tourist market: travel agencies are closing, operators are leaving, and new companies operating on the Internet take their place. Against the background of an unstable economic situation, customers tend to reduce the cost of rest, but receive the same set of services as before the crisis. Provide customer requests in a new environment and strive for online format agencies.
Honeymoon is a very serious income item Lisrateum. 
According to statistics, every third couple goes on a honeymoon trip. The average bill is 1000 dollars. 
We will offer couples to book a tour directly on the site. For this, a convenient modern online booking system for tours around the world will be created through the website and the listereum application.
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Token distribution.
30% team 
70% ico
Distribution of funds
20% software development 
60% of advertising 
10% reserve 
10% team
Road map
  • Ico
April 20 – June 20, 2019
  • development
May 20 – July 20, 2019
  • advertising
  • IOS, Android
July 20 – September 20, 2019
  • exchange
July 20 – October 20, 2019
  • development
Arthur Gornikov
Sergey Evtushenko
Arthur Petrosyan
Dmitry Relik
Alina Burlaka
Nikita Hantsevich
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