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LISTEREUM is a service where all the goods and services needed to organize marriages gather in one place. New brides in the future need to do a large number of jobs to organize the wedding: make a guest list, send invitations, order restaurants, transportation, musicians, designers. Buy wedding clothes, cakes, flowers, gifts, and more. All this can now be done in a few click on the LISTEREUM service.

This project will produce not only through commissions from various services, but also through online stores of goods and wedding gifts themselves. Projects from the real sector. This is based on no blockchains today. LISTEREUM will work in major world currencies: dollars, euros, yuan, rubles, etc. All profits from the project will be distributed among token holders.

Beautiful wedding sites and invitations

Services for creating wedding sites where newlyweds can create guest lists, send invitations online, tell about vacation spots, provide routes and more. Also make or order a beautiful invitation card.
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Listereum is ready to meet client requests:

  • To help customers decide on the date of the celebration.  For many people, it is important that the wedding date does not fall on religious holidays or fasting, and someone wants to save money and choose a day in “off-season”. Someone dreams of an extraordinary winter or autumn yellow wedding.
  • Help make the guest list.  Tell them about dates through social networks. With the help of convenient services to make beautiful invitations and send them to all guests.
  • Set field registration.  Choose a suitable place for that. Standard registration at the registration office is now often replaced by an exit.
  • Help choose restaurants and menus for weddings.  Special attention is given to the choice of the size and design of the wedding cake, preparation and delivery to the banquet.
  • Offer and help customers to determine the style  , color (color combination) of the entire event. This will be a pirate, a motorist or a wedding in Japanese or Hawaiian style. Or maybe only marriage in one color or color combination.
  • Professionally arranges banquet halls  , registration places, cars with the same style chosen by customers.
  • To take and make pictures of newlyweds and guests.  In accordance with the choice of wedding style or color, agency staff help determine the image of the new bride: bridal clothes (buy ready-made clothes, orders to order), and if necessary, guests are also given clothes. In addition, the master is chosen who will make hair, makeup, manicure and other cosmetic procedures for the bride, groom care.
  • To arrange all transportation needed for the event.  The main car rental for brides, other cars for wedding processions, provision of moto escorts, buses for sending guests at night.
  • Arrange the most cheerful wedding party.  Script development. Selection of lead, sound engineer, artist. Discusses preferences for dance and music breaks.
  • Providing customers with professional choreographers   for the first dance of young people.
  • Choose a photographer and videographer.  Discussion of the desire for a wedding photo shoot. Selection of props. Making a website for newlyweds, wedding photo albums or slideshows.
  • Give the flower shop service needed.  Original bridal bouquet, boutonniere, registration with fresh flowers from the hall for registration, banquet space, car.
  • Hold bachelor parties and single parties.
  • To arrange fireworks   as the final stage of the night.
  • Book a hotel room  if the newlyweds want to spend the first wedding night at the hotel.
  • Arrange a honeymoon   with your own convenient service to book a tour.

Wedding Flower Decoration

The theme of flowers in wedding decorations is always relevant, interesting and very diverse. At the same time, both natural and artificial flowers, as well as various printed materials for tents and covers are used for decoration. Trees, bushes, branches of plants living in wedding decorations in nature, look organic and quite symbolic.

Fresh flowers and their composition look elegant, solemn and convey tenderness and romance, which is filled with the wedding ceremony itself. Flowers are placed in a vase on the table, they decorate furniture, lights, stair railings.
Use floral arrangements to create a single space and a general party atmosphere. It works very well at weddings with a large number of guests, in a large banquet hall.

Lighting  that creates an atmosphere
Miracles can create, choose precisely, lighting a banquet hall. The dim light from the sparkling lights, the light placed on the candle tables, perfectly conveys the atmosphere of romance and hope for the future. Candles that you can arrange in flower arrangements, place them near the bouquet, or use elegant and high candles.

Another option for the design of LED lights. Inside the hall they will find applications everywhere:

  • table decorations for newlyweds
  • ceiling decoration
  • floor lamp
  • light graffiti and windows
  • column decoration
  • pendant decoration

Token distribution.

30% Command
70% ico

Fund distribution

20% software development,
60% advertising,
10% backup,
10% team


20.04 – 20.05.2019 ICO

07/20/2019 Website
Maker wedding site
Craftsman social networks
Market goods and wedding gifts
reservations Booking transportation
bookings Tour bookings

Team Listereum 

Artur Gornikov: Founder
Sergey Evtushenko: СEO, Developer Stack Full
Arthur Petrosyan: Developer Full Stack of
Dmitry Relics: Designer
Alina Burlaka: Designer
Nikita Hantsevich: Developer of Full Stack

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wallet: 0x3bdEb8266aE84e6dAe94FB9be39A2Ed109D08919


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