Analogs that will take part of a large market.

Marriage Agency allows you to solve the problem of the majority structure. this can be caused by such business connections. to hold wedding celebrations in any city in our country and even outside its borders offering several companies and big people. but most of them measure simultaneously at the same time managing various events and such companies do not appear to be projected business competitors.

Listereum is an automated service for arranging marriages. we have a tendency to exclude all intermediaries between buyers and people who will be directly related, each in their own business: restaurants, musicians, florists, etc.

Project audiences measure men and women of married age. The position of their money is not the catch, as a result of business arrangements implying services under any program budget. this could be a wedding directly in a restaurant for twenty people, without live music, fireworks, and alternative specialties. or even a wedding during a fancy meal, with the face of the media as a wedding presenter and procession consisting entirely of limousines.

Listereum is an AN analogue of the super-successful Emile Zola project, Emile Zola has collected $ one hundred and forty million investments. the highlight of a hundred million dollar investment ball is the Comcast Yankee North company. in addition, Emma Goldman Sachs, Thrive Capital, and Lightspeed participated in investment transactions. The Emile Zola company might be a very noble project that helped organize enough five hundred thousand marriages.

All wedding services in one place

Lictereum – This is a service for newlyweds where they can find everything they need for their celebrations. Everything from personal sites and guest lists to honeymoon bookings.
Services for creating, printing and sending beautiful invitations
Restaurant reservation
Services for ordering restaurants and ordering food
Services for ordering masters with ratings
Wedding cake
Services for ordering wedding cakes
Flowers and design
Service for restaurant decoration
Marketplace wedding gifts are needed.
The drink
Wholesale store of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Services for ordering trips to honeymoon

The most successful option, for competent release from competitors, will be a full cycle offer of marriage services. From beautiful invitations to romantic honeymoon after celebration.

Listereum is ready to meet client requests:

  • To help customers decide on the date of the celebration.  For many people, it is important that the wedding date does not fall on religious holidays or fasting, and someone wants to save money and choose a day in “off-season”. Someone dreams of an extraordinary winter or autumn yellow wedding.
  • Help make the guest list.  Tell them about dates through social networks. With the help of convenient services to make beautiful invitations and send them to all guests.
  • Set field registration.  Choose a suitable place for that. Standard registration at the registration office is now often replaced by an exit.
  • Help choose restaurants and menus for weddings.  Special attention is given to the choice of the size and design of the wedding cake, preparation and delivery to the banquet.
  • Offer and help customers to determine the style  , color (color combination) of the entire event. This will be a pirate, a motorist or a wedding in Japanese or Hawaiian style. Or maybe only marriage in one color or color combination.
  • Professionally arranges banquet halls  , registration places, cars with the same style chosen by customers.
  • To take and make pictures of newlyweds and guests.  In accordance with the choice of wedding style or color, agency staff help determine the image of the new bride: bridal clothes (buy ready-made clothes, orders to order), and if necessary, guests are also given clothes. In addition, the master is chosen who will make hair, makeup, manicure and other cosmetic procedures for the bride, groom care.
  • To arrange all transportation needed for the event.  The main car rental for brides, other cars for wedding processions, provision of moto escorts, buses for sending guests at night.
  • Arrange the most cheerful wedding party.  Script development. Selection of lead, sound engineer, artist. Discusses preferences for dance and music breaks.
  • Providing customers with professional choreographers   for the first dance of young people.
  • Choose a photographer and videographer.  Discussion of the desire for a wedding photo shoot. Selection of props. Making a website for newlyweds, wedding photo albums or slideshows.
  • Give the flower shop service needed.  Original bridal bouquet, boutonniere, registration with fresh flowers from the hall for registration, banquet space, car.
  • Hold bachelor parties and single parties.
  • To arrange fireworks   as the final stage of the night.
  • Book a hotel room  if the newlyweds want to spend the first wedding night at the hotel.
  • Arrange a honeymoon   with your own convenient service to book a tour.

Online shop items needed for marriage. The new bride can also make a list of gifts needed and notify guests about it.

Transportation services   for booking vehicles for newlyweds and guests. With ratings, reviews.

New brides will be able to book their wedding tours right at the location of victims of their own trendy convenient services.


Commissions from masters
Pay service masters commission supports orders.

Marketplace Commission
All sales in the store will be charged a commission.

The Restaurant Commission
The restaurant pays a commission fee.

Own service travel agent for tour bookings.

Display the shop’s own market.

Additional service commissions from further services.

Token Distribution

1 000 000 list
1 list = 0.001 et
Bonus: 25%

1 500 000 list
1 list = 0.005 et

Team List: 500,000
List of prizes: 100,000




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