Litenett: A Decentralized Payment System on Blockchain


Litenett – is a new European social network with decentralized payment framework on Blockchain for the crowd of several millions clients. Our task enables clients to get a few administrations immediately in one application. LITENETT is the venture that understands the issues alongside the fundamental potential in the administrations of the entertainment industry. The task is fueled by the blockchain innovation and endeavors to give a platform protected and secure exchanges related to motion pictures and music. The principle point of the task is to give all entertainment related administrations on a solitary platform to give a serving background, never saw.

LITENETT likewise underpins social media by enabling the client to create individual content like online journals and interface with the world on a greater level. With extra feature of a messenger which guarantees the security of data with the assistance of blockchain’s straightforwardness, one can make the most out of this venture.

Music and video entryways can appreciate going more interactive by enabling the client to make buys and more through LITENETT. This would not just expand the nature of the content offered yet a circuitous chain of criticisms will likewise be framed.

As LITENETT endeavors to bring every one of these marvels under the one roof of its application, questions with respect to such huge numbers of exchanges are certain to rise. With the assistance of the blockchain innovation and the keen gets, the clients can remain guaranteed of their cash and the stores. The application offers a protected wallet which is equipped for holding different digital forms of money out of the compass of the tricks. We have consolidated social network, messenger, music and film – video entries, radio telecom and occasions on one platform. Litenett underpins in excess of 30 dialects and it is accessible on all gadgets.

Social network

Companions and chats

Web journals and microblogs

Individual Pages

Salary on supporters




Online Shop

Client Encouragement

Music Portal

Music online

Music buy

Music download

Playlists creating

Chance to impart to companions

Radio and webcasts

Gatherings and craftsmen

Discharges and music catalog

Video and Movie Portal

Video download

Video websites creating

Profit on Views

Silver screens

Movies plan programs

Tickets booking framework

Tickets buy

Motion pictures online

Payment framework

Payment framework on Blockchain

Thousands of exchanges for every second

Separate Dashboard

Stores and withdrawals without %

Top cryptographic forms of money

Secure wallet

Low exchange charges

Application FEATURE

The application contains a different practical and enables the client to oversee content, create gatherings and microblogs.

You can see every one of the posts and remarks in your blog or gathering.

Private messages, assemble chats and channels.

You can tune in to music and compose posts, chat with companions, shop or exchange cash to companions.

Segment “Top picks” will assist you with saving the important pages, gatherings, channels, melodies, collections, silver screens, and so forth.

Occasions line, your remarks and replies.

Companions and supporters – across the board application.


Messenger enables clients to communicate in individual correspondence, and also in assemble channel.

Voice and video calls, chats and gathering channels.

Gathering and private chats with a method of correspondence decimation. Correspondence isn’t saved money on the server, it is spared just on members gadgets. It is difficult to duplicate, make a screenshot, spare. It can be wrecked at the planned time.

Coordinate video communicates in a gathering.

It isn’t only a messenger with a high level of security, it is an interactive media platform for taking care of issues in regular day to day existence.


Multi-money Crypto-Wallet with the capacity to store and exchange crypto resources

It is conceivable to renew and pull back assets, trade for crypto coins.

Certification of exchanges security and assets stockpiling in the wallet.

Capacity to perform benefit payment, administrations charges, to exchange assets to different clients.

Assets move to clients in crypto coins, quick trade to USD or Euro. It is conceivable to purchase products and pay for administrations, make payments anyplace, to anything, in the litenett network, and additionally in online shops or online litenett card in payment terminals.


Token is a methods for payment inside the gateway. Clients get Token prizes for overseeing of gatherings, sites, and so on. Clients get Token prizes for survey promotions. It is conceivable to pay for advertising with Token by getting a major markdown. Token can be exchanged and traded between clients. It is conceivable to perform benefit payment or pay for administrations just with Token. Clients can trade Tokens, got as a reward for review promotions, for overseeing gatherings, and other social exercises, for fiat cash and pull back them to their own record. Promoters purchase tokens while paying for advertising. Entry purchases tokens from other token holders to pay a reward. Any exchanges inside the platform are conceivable just with token. Tokens are acknowledged as payment for different administrations, for trade for Euro or USD.


Litenetcoin token can not be delegated a tradable money related resource since it doesn’t qualifies Token holders for get profit, or to claim some portion of the organization or part of the venture. Litenetcoin Token is completely lawful, and in addition gift voucher in a shop. Litenetcoin is an item token.



We calculated the normal arranged profitability of Litenett social network , relying upon the development of the group of onlookers:

With a group of people of 10 million every month (120 million every year) at a rate of € 3.0 for each client – the profit will be € 360 000 00 million.

With a crowd of people of 20 million every month (240 million every year) at a rate of €3.5 per client – the profit will be €840 000 00 million.

With a crowd of people of 30 million every month (360 million every year) at a rate of €4.0 per client – the profit will be €1 440 000.00 million.

Up to 30% of the organization’s profits will be allocated to pay clients for survey promotions and for other action programs. Token turnover inside the platform will be from 9 to 430 million Euro as of now in 2019.

10% Reserve finance

3% Rewards, Bounty: early supporters

3% Team

4% Founders

80% Tokens Buyers

Reserve Allocation


Our monetization display covers such territories as Music, Radio, Podcasts, Cinema, Video, and has a platform for individuals’ assorted communication with the capacity to create individual pages, gatherings, videos and microblogs

With a specific end goal to attract to us as little and likewise the biggest media showcase players, we have created chance to deal with their own particular items for music companies, silver screen networks, radio stations and occasion companies. Having checked access to the normal database, each organization can autonomously, without go-between administrations, convey its items and administrations straightforwardly to the client through our platform, which will essentially lessen their costs.

25% Project improvement

25% Marketing and advancement

25% Reserve store of the organization for self-financing after the Project dispatch

15% Creating a payment framework, acquiring a keeping money permit for lawful monetary exchanges

10% Research and improvement of new advances in Blockchain field


Keeping in mind the end goal to pay for merchandise or pay for an administration with cryptocurrency, you have to change over existing crypto coins into Eurocoin (EURC) or Dollarcoin (USDC) which rate is attached to Euro and USD rate

Because of modules and applications that can without much of a stretch be integrated into any online shop, site or payment terminal, Eurocoin and Dollarcoin will be acknowledged as payment, and also fiat cash. Without entering stock trade or exchanger, it will be conceivable to trade Cryptocurrency on your adjust progressively without losing enthusiasm on trade

The inward framework will be associated with a few trades. You pick the best rate and offer coins, getting in return Eurocoin or Dollarcoin, which can be utilized as payment for a buy. The whole exchange will take two or three seconds and comparative operations will be accessible on any gadget. Additionally Eurocoin and Dollarcoin can be pulled back on a card in Euro or in USD. It can be utilized for payment for buys and withdrawals of assets in any ATM in any nation.


Alexej Karpov: CEO – Lead Engineer & Founder
Valdemar Degner: Analyst and marketer
Elena Degner: Financial Analyst and Advisor
Lilia Bauer: Content manager & contacts with customers
Roman Romanchenko: Lead developer & Engineer
Vladimir Dzyubanov: Lead developer & Project developer
Alexey Seleznev: Web Designer & Project developer
Albina Chernozhukova: Frontend developer
Vitali Karpov: Java developer & system administrator


Start of work on the project


The main music portal MVP is launched


Testing and working on errors
Changing the project structure
Designing a social network
Start of developing new functionality


Dashboards for users and companies are launched


Development of portal mobile version


Testing and launching functionality for companies – content management


Designing mobile application for Android and iOS


Testing and elaborating mobile version
Ability to upload and send photos, videos and music


Launching and testing chat, correcting bugs
Testing functionality of groups creating
Launching functionality of user verification
Developing “Marketplace” functionality and ability to create an online shop


Start of work on ICO implementation
Preparation and implementation of Pre-ICO
Preparation and implementation of ICO


Increase in personnel
Extesive work on all sections of portal
Work on monetization system (encouraging users through advertising)
Launching and testing all languages
Designing payment system and creating a next-generation Blockchain


Developing of automatic advertising system
Testing of a new database
Testing of creating an online shop functionality
Launching and testing Friends section
Combining of all sections and testing of platform
Working on bugs and correcting errors
Testing of mobile application for Android and iOS


Launching of social network Litenett
Launching of mobile application for Android and iOS
Work on improving platform functionality
Testing of cryptocurrency wallet
Testing of payment system
Extensive marketing campaign


Network scaling for millions of users
Launching of a new Blockchain and platform transition to new payment system
Obtaining of banking license for legal financial transactions in cryptomarket
Exchanging of tokens for new digital cryptocurrency
Integrating of new digital coins with stock exchanges

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