LivenPay, A Blockchain Food Economy For Everyday Use


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What Is LivenPay?

Liven is a blockchain-based food economy for everyday use. The platform will act as a mobile payments gateway and ecosystem designed for the food and beverage industry. Through Liven, users can discover restaurants and make instant mobile payments while earning LVN, which is the platform’s utility token. Liven aims that through its services it will be able to solve the shortcomings of cryptocurrencies such as price volatility, complexity, and difficulties in integrating it with other financial systems.

The Liven platform will feature Point of Sale integration, a LivenPay API that facilitates the smooth adoption of the platform by ordinary people and makes it more accessible for consumers, and businesses as it can carry out thousands of merchant fiat or cryptocurrency transactions

The benefits of the platform include:

It eliminates intermediaries in the meal online business due to the decentralized platform, which makes every meal affordable to buyers.

The platform comes up with a management and reputation rating of the participants in the platform. This is an ongoing process that is based on the blockchain. This will increase trust in the participants business

It distributes the value accrued from the growth of the network among the participants. Tokenization of transactions and rewards will lead to maximum benefits for all.

The platform has a democratic mechanism that involves participants allowing them to resolve conflicts in a transparent and fair manner.

Buyers can choose meals anywhere, they can also preorder medals, pay in advance, and modify their orders based on the simple rules of the platform


As earlier stated, blockchain technology was incorporated into LivenPay thus making it more efficient and reliable for the tasks ahead. LivenPay has a network of 400,000+ users transacting in 1,000+ locations in Melbourne and Sydney.

LivenPay (Liven) being an existing mobile payment and loyalty platform for food and beverage industry aims to leverage on blockchain technology thus having the potential to solve the aforementioned issues.

Through LivenPay’s platform as well as with its network of users and merchants, issue of price volatility will be solved through a unique internal conversion rate where every LivenPay’s token in circulation will have a purchasing power which will then make it be used within the platform.

Also, issues of lack of incorporation with financial systems will be solved through the creation or addition of cryptocurrency payment gateway. This payment gateway will be highly unnoticeable by merchants as they will still be paid with fiat while in the long run adoption at a retail level will also be achieved.

LivenPay is the global meal sharing platform, which is blockchain empowered and offers transparent opportunity for food buyers and sellers to transact with each other.

LivenPay The Future of Food Industry

The LivenPay platform is designed according to extraordinary people’s needs. People can dine in places recommended with the aid of the LivenPay team if they wish. People can participate in invitations prepared for extraordinary events or special activities of the day.

Each restaurant has its very own design system and points such as a range of dishes. On this display screen where opening instances and active working hours are displayed, human beings can see the closing time they can eat. In these restaurants listed according to the votes given via users, there are restaurants with the best quantity of users in the top rankings.

LivenPay exhibits the wishes of human beings dwelling in the city by using altering their appreciation of meals is a project. When you first enter the venture with its own application, your location is determined and the restaurants nearest you are listed. In the mission where the classified ads of restaurants will take vicinity for the duration of the day, any restaurant can make reductions and appeal to extra customers.

Token info

Token: LVN

Type: Utility

Price 1 LVN = 0.015 USD

MVP/prototype: Available

Platform: Ethernet

Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat

Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 28,000,000 USD

Country: Australia

Whitelist/KYC: KYC


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