Current Issues In The Crypto Space
Ever since the advent of blockchain technology, the world today has witnessed new ways of transactions, developments etc, but yet cryptocurrency which was as a result of blockchain is yet to go mainstream.
One of the main issues which are limiting or posing as a roadblock to cryptocurrency adoption is price volatility, the issue is too strong that most people don’t ever want to get associated.
Another main issue is lack of usability or rather compatibility which is as a result of its complex nature, thus making it hard to be incorporated into the current existing financial systems; that is to say, cryptocurrency can’t be used in everyday life endeavours.
In a bid to contribute or rather bringing in services which set the path right for cryptocurrency mass adoption a group of people aims to enhance their already existing network by incorporating blockchain technology of which the platform is LivenPay.


As earlier stated, blockchain technology was incorporated into LivenPay thus making it more efficient and reliable for the tasks ahead. LivenPay has a network of 400,000+ users transacting in 1,000+ locations in Melbourne and Sydney.

LivenPay (Liven) being an existing mobile payment and loyalty platform for food and beverage industry aims to leverage on blockchain technology thus having the potential to solve the aforementioned issues.
Through LivenPay’s platform as well as with its network of users and merchants, issue of price volatility will be solved through a unique internal conversion rate where every LivenPay’s token in circulation will have a purchasing power which will then make it be used within the platform.
Also, issues of lack of incorporation with financial systems will be solved through the creation or addition of cryptocurrency payment gateway. This payment gateway will be highly unnoticeable by merchants as they will still be paid with fiat while in the long run adoption at a retail level will also be achieved.

Furthermore, as LivenPay also aims to reward its users when they pay for a meal, this reward dissemination will be done via a decentralized rewards protocol which is controlled by smart contracts, thereby ensuring adequate behaviours. In addition, the token earned through this way can be donated to the charity organizations.


LivenPay offers a transparent conversion rate through which LVN can be converted to fiat thereby attempting to achieve price stability. In LivenPay platform, consumers make their payment with LVN which is the converted to fiat and paid to merchants
Also, in order to achieve crowdsourced liquidity and volume, LVN tokens can be used to exchange for food in many locations as it will be easily accessible to all users irrespective of location through the LivenPay platform.
LivenPay also offers a platform where users donate their LVN token to a charity of choice. LivenPay will be cost effective and engaging thus resulting in an efficient fundraising channel where charities will have the opportunity to access a larger audience of consumers who can share their reward.

Furthermore, LivenPay will offer a platform where merchants who aren’t tech savvy won’t miss out. LivenPay being a platform built on an existing network of large users and more than 1,000 brick and mortar businesses, will design its ecosystem in such a way that its merchants won’t need to change their workflow nor will they know the currency the consumer paid with as they will still be paid in fiat currency unless they decide to go for LVN token.


As LivenPay aims to leverage blockchain technology to enhance its platform while solving underlying challenges, it will have its currency known as LivenCoin or LVN for short. LVN will be an ERC20 utility token with a total supply of 10,000,000,000.

With LivenPay, cryptocurrency adoption will be a reality has the platform currently has more than 20,000 venues through its Point of Sale integration. Also, with LivenPay integration with fiat gateway and via its API, many platforms, sectors or systems will adopt LivenPay easily through this way being easily accessible to businesses and consumers.


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