LivenPay (LVN) : The world’s first global food economy, powered by the blockchain.

Apps that allow you to use cryptocurrency in your daily life to pay for goods and services with the possibility of using a loyalty program will attract many listeners. LivenPay will be beneficial for business owners and ordinary users. First, this application will bring huge profits by increasing customer audience, and secondly – the ability to use digital assets without having to learn all the intricacies of Blockchain technology and the world of digital assets.

LivenPay (LVN) will handle several other major cryptocurrency weaknesses, with unique internal conversion rates that help reduce volatility and provide intrinsic value in Platform Liven. By catapulting this new currency behind an already established business with a virtual currency system that has already been implemented, Liven aims to use the funds raised through its ICO to expand Liven’s network to cities including New York, San Francisco and London.

Liven also seeks to overcome financial and technological constraints that prevent small business owners from adopting cryptocurrency, by making payment gateways as friendly as possible. For example, traders will be able to choose whether they want the funds they receive to be paid as LVN or traditional currencies, regardless of what payment methods their customers have used. Liven currently offers a gift system, giving consumers the percentage of their bills as LivenCash, which can be added to the next bill or donated to charity. The introduction of blockchain-powered crypto-payment gateways means that customers can continue to enjoy gift programs, with greater control over how to spend their gifts. Later businesses will benefit from a closed loop system, which means that all LVNs, at some point, will be redeemed on the network.

To launch our new product, we will create our own digital currency: LivenCoin, or LVN. For users of the Liven Cash system, credit will be migrated in the fiat value for the launch of the new Games, and all the features that people like about Liven Cash will still be there, plus new features and facilities that are activated by switching to true digital currencies.

LivenPay (LVN) will function as a store of intrinsic value throughout our network, and will have its own internal exchange rate supported by the volume of transactions carried out in real business, brick and mortar. This means that each token has guaranteed purchasing power in more than a thousand real businesses on launch day – regardless of whatever arbitrary value the community might give them. Users will be able to transact in fiat (AUD, USD) or LVN currencies at all partner merchants, and will accept LVN to transact as part of the smart reward network that we have built over the past 4 years. Trading partners will be paid in fiat currency, or, if interested, can choose to receive payment in full in LVN. To add to these functions, we will recreate our platform to give,

Liven Explains: Why Do We Need a Blockchain?

Apart from the possibility of shocking blockchain technology in the future, there are many cases of companies around the world pushing it to places that might not be needed. Does anyone really ask for the crypto currency for the dental industry? Or a blockchain solution for sexual approval?

This, ahem, doubtful cases have caused many passengers to question why the blockchain should be added to any project that announces the use of distrubuted ledger technology. Fortune 500 chief executives have also jumped on the detractor bandwagon, questioning the purpose and advantages of crypto over other traditional financial systems.

And although this is reasonable skepticism in many cases, for Liven, the integration of cryptocurrency and blockchain makes sense as the next evolution of our payment platform. Our 200,000+ users have received their prizes in our own network currency – LivenCash – for four years now, and switching to our digital currency LVN will not only be smooth, but also very useful.

Here are four reasons why Liven chose to use blockchain technology.

  • First, to help globalize and enable direct expansion of our current network currency economy. Having our award currency as a limitless digital currency allows Liven to accelerate our expansion into locations such as London, New York and San Francisco.
  • Second, to expand our capabilities in peer to peer finance, social expenses, gift giving, and then how our currency is used among different people to create a more smooth and dynamic payment system.
  • Third, to decentralize our existing donation features, opening transparency is unprecedented in the world of charitable giving.
  • The fourth reason is more in the case of blockchain use for Liven. We want to create a product that faces users who connect blockchain technology with traditional currency infrastructure to enable people to use great products while making it easier for them to adopt blockchain everyday.

Principle of operation
The platform ecosystem will consist of the following elements:

  • Liven – payment gateway with reward Protocol and built-in smart contract token;
  • consumers;
  • salespeople;
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • ecommerce store;
  • charitable foundation;
  • external token exchange.

Brief Overview

The Liven App

The Liven Wallet

The LivenPay Payment Gateway

The LivenCoin (LVN) Token

The Liven decentralization award protocol is governed by smart contracts that will allow unlimited rewards to be distributed even though the LVN Token supply is limited and encourages corrective behavior with external markets that may arise, providing the stability needed for everyday use. LVN tokens obtained by transacting can also be donated directly to charities.

Initial Coins Offer LVN will offer to purchase 3 billion of the 10 billion LVN Tokens made to collect $ 28 million USD. Around $ 8.4M will be set aside to cover the exchange/expenditure of tokens distributed in the short term. A $ 19.6 million balance will be allocated to (i) encourage Liven’s rapid global expansion starting with the UK and (ii) develop a new cryptocurrency gateway.

Token info

Token LVN
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 0.0150 USD
Tokens for sale 3,000,000,000

Investment info

AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 30%
Soft cap 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap 28,000,000 USD

Token distribution


Q2 2017
LivenPay Beta Launch
Beta launch of fiat mobile payment product (LivenPay) enabling consumers to make incentivised mobile payments at point of sale in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Q4 2017
Major Brand Partnerships and Milestones
Signs payments partnership with major Australian and international retail brands (300 stores). Major product update – new payment flow, one-tap quick payments, curated discovery system, and GPS enabled payment security features.

Q1 2018
Beta Completion
Completion of LivenPay beta payments trial with retail brands, commence development on full product release.

Q2 2018
Blockchain Transition Announced
Announcement of blockchain-based network cryptocurrency – LVN, to replace the existing LivenCash;
POS Integration
Liven integrates with several of Australia’s most prominent point-of-sales providers to further increase our technical merchant reach, improve the smoothness of the payment experience and increase our data gathering capabilities.

Q3 2018
Alpha Launch
Major product release featuring new codebase, entirely rebuilt user interface, alpha ‘LVN Wallet’, bluetooth iBeacon proximity sensor for payment security maximisation. More brands join and development of functional cryptocurrency wallet commences.

Q4 2018
Conduct an ICO on the back of major success with over 1,000 business partners and a user base surpassing 350,000, beta testing crypto-payment solution;
100,000 Venues: POS Integration Milestone
Achieve technical reach of 100,000 retail venues via API integration partners. Completion of LVN wallet beta test and begin rollout of payment rails to entire network.

Q1 2019
Reward Protocol Activation
Completion and integration of the reward protocol smart contract into the Liven platform. Dynamic LVN internal conversion rate becomes active with the LVN purchasing power set by the reward curve. The balance of the reward cache is publically visible through the smart contract, and users can verify that the internal conversion rate is free of manipulation;
UK Expansion
Launch product in London, UK. LivenPay ecosystem expanded to over 10,000 venues.

Q2 2019
Self-Serve Portal
Release of full-scale merchant and enterprise portal enabling businesses to create accounts autonomously and begin processing transactions with LivenPay reward protocol and wallet integration, with deep behavioural analytics and insights plugged directly into their sales.

Q3 2019
US Expansion
Launch product in 3 US cities over a 6 month period. LivenPay ecosystem expanded to over 40,000 venues.

Q4 2019
Dynamic/Gamified Rewards
Full release of Liven 7.0 redesigned from the ground up as the world’s first real world incentive based transactional ‘game’ – meaning dynamic incentives, rewards, achievements, unlocks, Gacha, and many other key mechanics at the core to maximise user and business engagement.

Travel, South East Asia, and Software Integrations
Introduction of own designed fiat payment architecture, socialised financial services such as peer to peer lending or staking of funds held, and integration into larger business and marketing platforms such as CRM, Mulesoft, and accounting softwares. Expansion into further markets including more US cities, South East Asia, South America, and Europe. Expansion into travel industry with integration to native and third party booking and accomodation services.


We Are Not Doing This Alone

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