LiveTalk – Livestream 1st Channel Combined With Electronic Money.

Greetings to readers of my blog! Today we will begin our acquaintance with the LiveTalk project, He drew my attention to the fact that unlike those block-projects that have been announced recently, he does not try to embrace all the spheres of application, but concentrates on a certain task with a clear applied value.

Introducing the LiveTalk Network.

Introducing LiveTalk Network is a live broadcast platform that is supported by BL Blockchainchain technology. With blocking technology, it provides a complete hierarchy, scalability, and open market, allowing you to experience flows throughout the world. LiveTalk Network allows user applications to get on their platform as a live stream: – Live Game. – Direct music idols – This is often a direct life – Direct training, advice, advertising, selling products online. – Lead big events like seminars, music festivals, entertainment. LiveTalk support for 2 Direct Streaming platforms is general and personal. By providing users with the most optimal video technology, they have protected the user’s right to use optimal Live technology.

The LiveTalk network consists of two fully decentralized markets, where innovators can buy content, stream videos for free without centralized intermediaries. Decentralization is fully guaranteed by the BL Blockchainchain technology and contract smart, moderator and elimination of unnecessary intermediaries. Example: Broadcast devices in America can be broadcast live anywhere in the world and if you want to prepare regional broadcasts, video service providers can share their videos around the world or in certain areas in a few simple steps. All streamers and video makers can agree to work together through intellectual contracts. Advertising companies can use broadcasters to promote their branded products to viewers on the platform,

Livetalk is an ecosystem in the direct channel, broadcast live. . . We will combine popular broadcast channels around the world, creating a live game ecosystem, EDM events. . . where the streamer can receive prizes, which are system tokens, system users can also receive tokens through games and tournament events.

Develop a mobile application that will be seen anytime and anywhere! Based on mobile applications, Android and iOS. Users can view or transfer the streamer application for life. You can get tokens through direct readings, and users can give you a distribution token for mobile token tokens. Applications can connect directly to streaming sites based on user accounts. For more information about the project

ek can be obtained from technical documentation or on the main bitcointalk forum thread

Token Information:

LVT Token – a standard token of 20 tokens used in the etherium network . this is predetermined, limited offer, simple integration 
$ 5 billion or more shipping will not be sent 
When launching a new version of the livetalk network platform, it is a platform token. LVT currently allows free transaction fees on the livetalk network. 
The LVT function functions as a single livetalk payment platform.
Users use LVT tags to pay for content sold by publishers. use to donate to TV or radio companies or buy virtual items in livetalk 
Advertising companies will use LVT for payments and when they want to promote their products to viewers. 
The livetalk network is a complete economic market, with LVT tokens also function as a mechanism to transfer values ​​between users on the platform. 
broadcasters set the price of a product 
live broadcast or video (for example, 10 LVT tokens will be charged for watching live coverage) 
sent tokens (for example, 5 LVT chips per hour) and moving costs in smart contracts act as commitments

ICO Token: September 24, 2018 – November 15 2018 
Token symbol LVT
Type ERC20 
Price of 1 LVT ICO token = 0.007 USD 
Soft cover $ 3,000,000 (limit US $ 18,000,000) 
Platform ETHEREUM 
Token Total 5,000,000,000 
White list NO 
Get to know your customers (KYC) YES 
Armenia, China can’t participate 
Receiving ETH, BNB, ZRX, OMG 

You can also support the project by joining the company’s premium, which is done by the legendary Wapinter. Premium pool is 3.5% and distributed as follows:

Campaign and signature avatar BitcoinTalk 10% 
premium telegram 5% 
10% translation and moderation Ann and 
10% technical description blog and bonus items
40% Twitter + Facebook (20% for Twitter and 20% for Facebook) 
15% of Youtube generosity 
10% backup 

Road map


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