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Forex trading in my eyes is very promising business field because of its huge earnings potential and can not make it complicated as long as we have a trading system that is proven profitable … what we need to do is how to handle the risk because trading risk is correct – really attached to this forex business. Forex trading can be used as a life handle because it is enough to be successful. if other businesses are relatively much longer and difficult to succeed, it is also more complicated and requires large capital as well and that is not necessarily successful.

When we think of a decentralized market in this way, we have become one of shaping and correcting these defaces, in areas relevant to us, our investors and the crypto community at large.

Localcoin provides convenience in giving roles in every transaction wherever it is, this is a platform that is highly anticipated by an investor.

LocalCoin Platform:
LocalCoin was designed to provide a full-service platform to launch a decentralized bank, decentralized trading, social networks and prediction markets through its unique offering. The key feature of Local Counseling is decentralization to a new level; our platform is not only technical level but also with surefire strategy.
“LocalCoin is one to enable platforms on LocalCoin at a reduced cost. ”

LOCALCOIN Business case:
The platform will grow through providing greater transparency and simplicity to market and deliver value today, due to market inefficiencies. With focus on growth, it is a parameter to create the best experience for the LocalCoin user platform.

Essential Features:
▨ Decentralized Bank
▨ Decentralized chat
▨ OTC Trading
▨ ICO Accelerator
▨ Untraceable Transactions
▨ Mining
▨ Social Network
▨ Decentralized trading


Zero Trading fee

There is no trading fees apart from the network ridiculously low commission. All you pay is fixed network fees just to push your transactions into the blockchain.

High performance

A Blockchain-based system that handles 100,000 transactions per second, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being not even close to that.

Stealth mode

Zero-knowledge super-secure transactions (‘unknown’ sent ’n’ ‘unknown’ to ‘unknown’)”. That means you can place blind transactions from your account to a secret account that cannot be viewed via any block explorer.

Maximum security

We don’t have access to your account, simply because it is only You who hold the secret key to it. There no way centralized trading platforms can compete with decentralization, full encryption, total anonymity, cold storage, rigorous access management.

Hasil gambar untuk LOCALCOIN bounty



Website: https://localcoin.is/

Wallet: https://wallet.localcoin.is/

Whitepaper: https://localcoin.is/downloads/LocalCoinBlockchain.pdf

Bitcointalk Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5125670

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/vzxSzYNj

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LocalCoinIS

Medium: https://medium.com/@localcoinis

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/LocalCoinIS

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@localcoin

Golos: https://golos.io/@localcoin

VK.com: https://vk.com/localcoin

Telegram: https://t.me/LocalCoinIS

Medium: https://medium.com/@localcoinis



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