LocalToken Exchange – The Decentralised Cryptocurrency P2P Exchange

About LocalToken Exchange

LocalToken Exchange provides a safe, simple and fast trading platform leveraging its own P2P marketplace and escrow system. Unlike other P2P exchanges, LocalToken Exchange provides both variety and liquidity by mixing centralized and decentralized exchange practices, allowing users to trade freely without unnecessary waiting times or verification requirements and to share in the profit of the platform’s overall success as well as allowing access to curated ICOs.

Local Token Exchange was born out of a shared vision to develop a more efficient global financial system. Our team’s backgrounds range from technology, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and leadership development — all driven by our natural inclinations to pioneer transformation.

Why LocalToken Exchange Stands Out?

Centralised cryptocurrency exchanges in their current form are fraught with inefficiencies. There are long wait times, security risks and time consuming verification requirements as well as high barriers to entry for a large proportion of potential users, especially novices.

P2P marketplaces and exchanges provide direct access in a decentralised way to connect buyers and sellers directly, which represents the truest form of free market trading. The future of the digital currency ecosystem relies on the development of robust P2P decentralised exchanges that support a diverse range of cryptocurrencies and at the same time provide traders with sufficient liquidity, a significant feature of the best centralised exchanges.

Local Token Exchange will offer:

  • The possibility to trade a comprehensive range of cryptocurrencies
  • Combined with the deep liquidity normally offered only in centralised exchanges
  • Fast and easy KYC/AML verification process
  • Transparency
  • Pay regular dividends
  • Future cryptocurrencies by allowing ICO airdrops

This innovative model will give traders the perfect space to transact the vast majority of their trades, whilst allowing them to participate in the success of Local Token Exchange’s business with regular dividends for token holders.

Token Sale And ICO Details

Local Token Exchange will hold a token sale event of LTE Tokens, a digital asset that will be used to facilitate the distribution of profits made by the Local Token Exchange platform. Additionally, LTE Token holders will receive early access to collaborating new ICO’s and Airdrops of new ICO tokens listed on the Local Token Exchange platform.

Token Details

Token: LTE
Total Available Supply: 77,963,600
Accepted Currencies: ETH
Nominal Value of LTE: €0,25c
Nominal Value: 1 ETH = 2,286LTE (ETH: €571.60 on 18/5/2018)
Minimum Requirement (Soft-Cap): €1,000,000
Maximum (Hard-Cap): €19,490,900

Payment Currency: Ethereum (ETH)
Bonus Structure: Community Based
Transparency: Open source (public GitHub)

Private Sale Token Issuance:

Pre-ICO Token Issuance:
3,900,000: includes 30% bonus
5,000,000: includes 25% bonus
5,750,000: includes 15% bonus

ICO Token Issuance:
9,900,000: 10% bonus
20,000,000: no bonus

Bounty: 1% 779,600
Airdrop: 1% 779,600
Team: 12,5% 9,745,000
Advisors: 2,5% 1,949,000
Dividend Reserve: 25% 19,490,000
Token Sale: 58%

Pre-ICO Sale:

Stage 1 (30% discount): July 30 — August 10, 2018
Stage 2 (25% discount): August 11 — August 20, 2018
Stage 3 (20% discount): August 21 — August 30, 2018

ICO Sale:

Stage 1 (10% discount): August 31 — Sep. 5, 2018
Stage 2 (no discount): Sep. 6 — Sep. 2018

Token Structure

The innovative distributed ownership model offered by LTE Tokens bridges a significant gap in the market, while delivering the profits of the platform into the wallets of its users.

Use of Funds

The primary use of funds will be to develop the platform, grow the team and further the development, promotion and management of the project. Our emphasis will be on platform performance and security, as well as building a strong community and a user experience that supports higher trust in peer to peer exchange.



Meet The Amazing Team


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