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Do you think that plays a big role in our life? Many will respond to education, and, in my opinion, this is one of the components that determines our future. But just to get an education is not enough. For a successful future and the realization of your most intimate ideas, you need to get the best education. However, now there are obstacles on this path. Among them are inaccessibility in some regions, the impossibility of paying for such an education, and the sign of a higher educational institution does not always correspond to the standard of education.

What then should be done ?

Let’s pay attention to the new project, which has been developing for a long time, but only now, with the development of innovative technologies, and in particular, the blockchain, it brought to a new level. The project is called Lolcoin. It provides for the best education in any part of the world, regardless of financial position.


The driving force of the ecosystem Lolcoin stant own token – LOL. The digital coin is based on the Ethereum chain and is the only means of payment for tuition. Anyone who has a LOL token can exchange it for a training program.

Lolcoin Platform Feature

* A global platform based on decentralization for learning;

* Personal identification according to the user’s fingerprint data;

* Work with artificial intelligence using personal data;

* Certification of students according to the blockchain technology;

* Own marketplace;

* The Lolcoin Ecosystem is officially recognized in some countries and is internationally accredited.

Lolcoin platform features

* The Lolcoin platform can run on both desktop PCs and mobile devices.

* Therefore, the student can always open the program and continue to study according to a given program, wherever he is.

* The platform has its own digital learning market, where there are also several sources of income.

* Lolcoin platform created by professionals in the field of education and technology blockchain.

* Also on the Lolcoin platform, you will always be aware of the latest


Lol Platform have so many solutions to the problems which has been mentioned above . The problem is plaguing education sectors Globally. The LOL Platform allow learners to take decision where ,when, how and what to study , thereby preventing the existing Mundane system education and adopting more working model that will empower both the user and the system . LOL Decentralize platform is solely based on blockchain technology, everything is being perfected with the use of Blockchain and the AI . The LOL Ecosystem will enable massed to access education Globally and earning their various qualification at a very affordable cost. Lack of Education is one among the reason why the World hasn’t turned to a better place yet as expected. Education Plays some vital role in humans life and society at large. Education improves life , encourage broad thinking and springs out innovations.Millions across the Globe cant access basic education due to their financial in capabilities. LOL Ecosystem with their token economics solution will solve the aforementioned problem . Eventually , LOL Platform will represent a very huge marketplace for learners to enroll for a very quality , Competency based , job skill oriented courses and professional lectures, trainers and instructors across the Globe irrespective of time , money and location.


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Highlights of the LOL Platform

(i) LOL Coins are Ethereum based tokens on blockchain technology . it is the major currency in the LOL Platform and core asset for the LOL Ecosystem . It can be used to buy digital education in the marketplace.

(ii) The LOL Platform is compatible with any device. its works on Mobile apps, desktop and tablet.

(iii) Decentralized : LOL as a decentralized digital learning Market place has diverse source of revenues.

(iv) LOL Winning Team : Lol consist of professionals , they are existing Certified Professionals, technologist, trainers, instructors , lecturers , recruiting and more.

(v) Live RSS FEEDS : This is a medium which live news information about new courses, certification,counselling , registration are being shared to the public.


LOL Education platform is revolutionizing education with integrated Digital learning Platform on Decentralized LOL system. LOL Project is a project which i believe everyone must support . The Platform has been developed by Team of expertise with over 20 years experience of international Education management .This kind of project needs to be supported in other to make the World a more better place for everyone . Education for the masses will improve the World. Apart from that investors will earn high revenue share from their various investment in the future . I recommend everyone to invest in LOL STO and be part of this world amazing revolution and Global initiative. LOL has been established since 1998 with different international School Campuses , business schools and international University in their Portfolio.

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LOL Winning Team

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