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Education is a segment that is as important as health services and the financial sector, and there are many areas within this division that can be improved by utilizing innovation. The market for edutech is growing rapidly, and is estimated to reach $ 93.76 billion around 2020. Until now, instruments such as computers have produced experiences and learning tailored to manmade awareness to improve learning outcomes for students in all dimensions.
Lolcoin is a real ecosystem, which will soon conquer all countries and continents on our planet. Now everyone will really get a higher education. All the working principles of the Lolcoin platform are built on the principle of a unique education system that was truly developed, which was transferred to blockchain technology. Now, each student can identify himself and choose the study program that is most suitable for him based on the principles of scientific knowledge. In addition, all training information will be stored separately. And only people who use it, who will receive access rights through fingerprint scanning. Student selection and their intelligence will also be built on the analysis carried out by artificial intelligence.

Do you think it plays a big role in our lives?

Many will respond to education, and, in my opinion, this is one component that determines our future. But just getting education is not enough. For a successful future and the realization of your most intimate ideas, you need to get the best education. However, there are now obstacles in this path. Among them are inaccessibility in some regions, the impossibility of paying for such education, and the sign of higher education institutions not always in accordance with educational standards.
So what to do? Let’s look at a new project, which has been developing for a long time, but only now, with the development of innovative technology, and in particular, blockchain, bringing it to a new level. This project is called   Lolcoin  . It provides the best education in every part of the world, regardless of financial position. Interested? Then let’s get to know more in detail.
LOLCOIN solves all problems in the traditional education system:
  • Excessive requirements for jobs for diplomas in this specialization. Often this approach attracts young people to buy diplomas illegally.
  • The education system has become a business, the annual costs at which the most promising institutions often exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a result, people take loans and then pay the rest of their lives.
  • A strict approach to new entrants has led to the release of millions of young people from higher education. For example, because of all three in mathematics, a person does not pass the competition and does not enter philology, the world does not see an extraordinary writer. This assessment is very subjective.
  • 4 Conventional education greatly limits people, the system is not flexible. Often students have to deal with non-alternative teaching methods, schedules and places.

Features of the Lolcoin Platform

Global platform based on decentralization for learning;
Personal identification according to the user’s fingerprint data;
Working with artificial intelligence using personal data;
Student certification in accordance with blockchain technology;
Own market;
The Lolcoin Ecosystem is officially recognized in several countries and internationally accredited.

Lolcoin platform feature

The Lolcoin platform can run on desktop PCs and mobile devices. Therefore, students can always open the program and continue to study according to the program provided, wherever they are.
This platform has its own digital learning market, where there are also several sources of income.
The Lolcoin platform is created by professionals in the field of education and blockchain technology.
Also on the Lolcoin platform, you will always get the latest news about education, curriculum certification, and you can also get advice from a professional.
Despite the fact that this is a learning platform that you have to pay with LOL tokens, there are opportunities to make money here, in several ways. But the main thing is investing. For this purpose, it serves STO, that is, acceptance of security by users. Why securities, not tokens? First, the issue of securities of   Lolcoin   project   which   is aimed at long-term prospects. That is, after a while, the owner of such securities can receive greater profits than he has. Second, because of the availability of securities, the holder will receive dividends twice a year. Third, the ICO market is now declining, and therefore not everyone wants to invest their own funds in tokens.
In the future, plan to release an application for mobile devices. It has been developed, and users will receive a number of useful services. This will have its own wallet, which can be used to pay for services. Only the owner gets access to the wallet, because fingerprint or face technology has been applied. Thanks to intelligent search, it is possible to find the most relevant information on request and receive vacancy notifications.
The driving force of the own Lolcoin stant tokens ecosystem – LOL. Digital coins are based on the Ethereum chain and are the only means of payment for tuition fees. Anyone who has a LOL token can exchange it for a training program.
Benefits of
LOL have the highest level of world-class education, besides, they have been successfully tested for compliance with European International universities. The project has all the certificates needed for the training material, which is on the blockchain. With this platform, anyone, regardless of their location. social status, wealth, and nationality can receive the best education in the world from the best mentors with extensive teaching experience. This platform already has an algorithm ready for testing and is fully supported by many science candidates.



Security Token Offer (STO) is more regulated and more credible Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). ICO sounds like Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), but it’s not a real effect – STOs are equivalent to real IPOs. Both are Security and Exchange Commissions (SEC) compliant and return investors with real value. We do STO because we want to increase trust and give our investors the kind of returns that make them support the company’s long-term success. Our token holders will get 11.5% of each transaction fee that flows through the LOL ecosystem.



SOFT CAP: $ 10,000,000




55% STO

6% Advisor

4% prize / community

15% Tim

20% of the University Reserve Fund


45% LOL Ecosystem Development

20% marketing

20% Operating Costs

10% Legal & Admin

Proposed 5% / Education Fund

 For more information, please follow the link below: WEB SITE:  https://loleiu.ioTELEGRAM:


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