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If earlier it was difficult to determine the usefulness of cryptocurrency in modern life. Now she has reached many fields of activity. Accordingly, there is a situation that requires finding solutions and new technologies that will ensure their accessibility for ordinary people.

So, let’s look at what is the new innovative project  LOLCOIN . LOLCOIN platform  offers everyone who wants to get a proper world-class quality education with the help of unique blockchain technology and vast experience in this area of ​​the professional project team. In contrast to the traditional education system,  LOLCOIN will  remove all obstacles with the help of a decentralized market of digital educational materials for testing and certification from European International University .

Here are the typical problems that plague the traditional education system. 

1 High requirements for admission to work on the availability of appropriate education. This often leads young people to receive fast, low-quality education, or there are even cases of illegal acquisition of education certificates.

2 Unprecedented commercialization of education. Getting quality education often incurs a lot of expenses. It often makes borrowing and drives people into debt.

3 A tough approach to providing education has prevented millions of people from accessing high-quality education.

4 Traditional education often limits choice, rather than expanding opportunities. Often, students are faced with uncontested approaches to the choice of course, mode of study, place of study, time and duration of lessons. LOLCOIN

Ecosystem  possesses such capabilities that are able to solve many problemma that currently interfere with education around the world. The platform allows future students to independently choose what to study, when to study, how to study and where to study. Thus, the company completely deviates from the traditional prescriptive education model. The ecosystem is completely decentralized and built on blockchain technology. This in turn ensures the safety, transparency and efficiency of the platform and allows more people to learn and qualify at the most affordable prices. As it is known, more than 100 million people all over the world cannot get the necessary education for financial reasons. The platform will offer an extensive market for students

For the successful operation of the platform and the convenience of users, the team developed its own token.

This is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain technology  . The price of the token is $ 0.07. This will be the main asset of the new education ecosystem. Users who own LOL tokens  will be able to exchange them for the purchase of digital education on the platform.

Tokens will be distributed as follows :

55% sale

6% to advisors

4% bounty / community

15% team

20% reserve fund

Distribution of funds raised

45% Development of the education ecosystem LOLCOIN

20% marketing

20% operating expenses

10% lawyers and administration

5% reserve and educational fund

In conclusion, I would like to say that the LOLCOIN project   is able to bring profit to its investors in the near future. A team of professionals that has extensive experience in this field, a well-developed concept, a pressing need for this issue and many more cumulative factors able to move the technology and make the idea breakthrough in the cryptocurrency sphere.


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