LOLIGO.IO Review – World’s First ICO Security Ecosystem

Loligo ICO Review – World’s First ICO Security Ecosystem


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Fundraising growth through the ICO has become very spectacular.  In 2017, the total amount collected is estimated at $ 5 billion, and has reached 14 billion dollars since early 2018. However, without a legal and administrative framework, the ICO poses many risks for individual users who often lack the technical skills needed to evaluate potential project.  They are trapped in investments that never take off.  In 2017, 84% of projects funded through the ICO were in the idea stage, 11% were in the prototype stage and only 5% were for active companies.

LOLIGO  is the safest and most advanced ICO crowdfunding platform.  This offers the creation of tokens through an intelligent LCC contract.  This ensures a fair distribution of funds based on participants’ milestones and votes.  The LOLIGO platform offers all the tools needed for a successful & professional ICO.  LOLIGO guarantees perfect compatibility with Ethereum wallets and smart contracts and offers flexible interoperability with Ethereum Dapps.

Market Research

ICO is centralized

Recently, an ICO launch platform like Indiegogo has appeared.

[LLG] LOLIGO - World First ICO Safety Ecosystem (ICO Review)

Although this platform is effective and safe, unfortunately they require participants to use trusted third parties.

Distributed (Peer-to-Peer)

To date, there are several Blockchain projects that offer the launch of a decentralized ICO.  The best known are Ethereum and its twin, Classic, but other promising platforms are in the final stages of development and will soon emerge like EOS, Cardano and Neo.

Network Overload

Ethereum has become a public platform filled with various technologies.

Data Size

In parallel, the number of transactions generated has caused an explosion in the size needed to keep the block history validated.

Issuance and inflation

Common to all ICOs remains the motivation of investors.  They are mainly trying to increase their capital by betting on rising currency prices.

This can be explained by

The inflation factor is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain.  – Flexibility offered to members of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to control the speed of publishing Ethers.  In fact, since 2017, the crypto community experienced several proposals from Vitalik Buterin ranging from increasing inflation to redefining the maximum number of tokens.

ERC-20 platform

Other hybrid platforms such as the KICKICO offer to secure the ICO through an ERC-20 smart contract architecture.  The idea is to collect contributions by buying platform tokens in Ethers and then participating on the platform site.


Loligo is a revolutionary platform that guarantees smooth operation of the ICO through innovative and controlled contracts under the control of the participants.  Loligo enables a community and a centralized approach while reaping many benefits.


Relay Ethereum


Address and Vote


In addition to the formal changes made by our technical team, Loligo will systematically take all security changes and updates that are introduced in the Ethereum repository.  This sets an increasing milestone in the medium and long term.


For the sake of full transparency, it was decided to start Loligo presale tokens by means of the Ethereum ERC-20 contract.  This type of sale guarantees a public and unfounded database that lists participants and the amount mobilized.  This same sale allows participants to automatically restore their LLG tokens after the launch of the public blockchain without the intervention of the technical team.

Snapshot and Premining

Knowing that the ICO on average sells 60 million tokens with a value close to $ 1.00, it is important to ensure the availability of minimum liquidity in the trading market to ensure the smooth operation of the collection campaign.

Personal Use

Classic Investment Fund

Portfolio management by venture capital companies is currently one of the central issues in the investment sector.  Finding a balance between investor involvement and control and financial development targeting SMEs remains a rare topic with solutions.

Public Project Management

Public procurement is an area where good governance can produce greater synergy and contribute directly to the development of all countries.  One aspect of this governance is perfect management of payment requirements.

Public Sales

As with fundraising campaigns, Loligo ICOs can lead to several scenarios.  If SoftCap is not achieved, all participants will be completely replaced and operating costs are the responsibility of the participants.  This process will be fully automated through a smart contract that manages the ICO.


Sales are carried out using a smart public contract;  sources will be available online.  Because the token sales are automatic, the tokens purchased are immediately transferred to the buyer’s address.  The duration of the transaction depends on the network load and the amount of gas available.  The purchase fee is the responsibility of the investor.

Token Distribution

The total number of tokens sold is 16 million.  Tokens sold during the ICO will be automatically reported on the last blockchain.


If Softcap is not reached, all purchases will be returned.  Refunds start immediately at the end of the crowdsale and are available for one month.  Because the refund is a transaction, related fees are charged to the investor.




Their advisor


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